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Open Gym @Asian Law College for Students, Faculty Members & Staff

A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body with this fundamental learning in mind Asian Law College (ALC) is elated to share the installation of an open gym for Students, Faculty members, and Staff. In the modern era where stress and depression are very common among students and the global COVID – 19  pandemic is one of the catalysts in increasing the graph of depression even in young students and professionals, this noble initiative will go a long way and will contribute to keeping the young mind motivated and focussed on positive aspects of life. The open gym is in consonance with the well-received and much-appreciated initiative of “FIT INDIA MOVEMENT” launched by the Government of India under the leadership of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

The Open gym surrounding keeps the participants close to nature and it is a proven fact that it is more effective when it comes to mental stability and physical wellbeing as compared to a close gym facility. The initiative will act as a blessing for all the young students of Asian Law College who now have the opportunity of not only achieving the academic enrichment in the campus but also can train their bodies and mind for a healthy transition. The present environment and the lifestyle needs an introspection from each one of us so that we are able to achieve the Sustainable Development goals which will benefit the future generations to come. As an institution of law realizing the importance of having a healthy body and mind amongst students the open gym has been provided in the campus for all the students, faculty members, and Staff which will help them be focused, motivated, and dedicated towards their professional work as exercise increases the efficiency of each and every individual. The open gym initiative will help to propagate the ideals of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT amongst the young students and which in turn will help us to progress towards a healthy Nation at large.