Affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh (CCS) University, Meerut and approved by Bar Council of India (BCI)

ALC follows an approach to legal education wherein the learning experience is not only enlightening but also enriching and inspiring. The College is committed to exploring multidisciplinary approaches through its unique curriculum and revolutionizing legal education by making use of modern pedagogies thereby adapting to the changing world in which law professionals operate. ALC aims at developing knowledge, skill and value amongst the students and they are nourished by the critical learning pedagogy and mentored and supported by faculty and staff so that they experience the best.

Asian Law College boasts of faculty whose expertise spans across various areas of law and who have a wide range of teaching and research experience. We attract students from diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives. This leads to a vibrant multicultural classroom.

Asian Law College has an unmatched array of courses and academic offerings. Students have an opportunity to pursue a broad curriculum using rich educational resources in a dynamic and creative learning environment.

Curriculum is constantly adapted according to changing legal and other environmental developments. All our initiatives are living proof of our commitment to the success of every student.

Asian Law College aligns itself with the Asian Education Group (AEG) which has a distinguished record of achievements. The academic environment generated by the interaction between professionals of various disciplines has a stimulating influence, especially in the formative years of young students that will help them to develop an integrated personality and a greater competitive spirit.

ALC is looking at bringing about a paradigm shift in the delivery of legal education in the country. It aims to add new dimensions in legal education that would incorporate International Standards, thereby providing an environment that would enhance freedom and innovation in the dynamic pursuit of thoughts and civil society engagement to advance the law of the land. We also look forward to enhancing research inputs in the education modules, thereby connecting students and faculty on the larger platforms involving other national and international agencies and playing a pivotal role in framing socially relevant policies in the legal sector.


Our vision is to build ALC into a leading law school of world-class repute. Our long term objective is to become a leading Indian Law School with excellence in the field of legal education. We envision ALC as an institution that produces law professionals in demand who will have a direct nexus with raising the standard of legal education in India.

More Specifically we want to build ALC into an institution which :

Develops innovative knowledge exchange environment that is highly relevant to the ever-changing legal profession and same is disseminated through publications in top tier legal and professional journals vis-a’-vis corporate engagement. Provides students with an intercultural learning environment that offers research-based expertise in the flagship programs of B.A.LL.B and LL.B .


The Mission of Asian Law College is to establish well researched and pragmatic approach towards legal education and practice to enable its students to meet the ever-increasing demand of the legal profession. Asian Law College aims at developing practical skills of students and helps to convert the student’s abilities into legal and managerial competence which is the need of the hour. We at Asian Law College strongly believe that a blend of relevant knowledge, skills and the right attitude is essential for the overall development of students which will determine their growth and success in every sphere of life.