Dr. Saleem Akhtar


Standard Legal education with the global perspective and social connectivity are essential for today’s society.

The establishment of the Asian Law College, Noida marked a significant development for the global legal education. It provides a unique opportunity to initiate a fresh approach to the notion of partnership to combine the best of techno corporate, with serious effort to promote excellence in India’s Higher Level Education. Our endeavor is to prepare competent legal graduates to meet the global challenges linking every problem with the legal solutions and at the same time to uphold the traditional values and cultural heritage of our country. We are a family committed to the provision of a first-rate legal education in a friendly, supportive and close-knit academic community, where excellence in teaching goes hand in hand with outstanding faculty and where students are encouraged and delivered with the different platforms to expose their skills.

I invite you to explore the opportunities available at Asian Law College. You are welcome to visit us and interact with our faculty members. I am confident that you will be pleased to observe the academic culture we promote for betterment of the legal education.