The secret to a flourishing career is the ability and passion for your profession. Law is a lucrative profession which demands good amount of hard work with no shortcuts. Oratory skills and good command over language are some of the key skills required to become a successful lawyer.

Law graduates, apart from practicing in courts can also work with corporate houses, law firms, administrative and judicial firms.

Career prospects for a law graduate are follows:


As per provisions contained in the Advocates Act, 1961, one needs to enrol with State/ Central Bar Council in order to practice law in the court. Qualifying the Bar Council of India examination is also a requirement. To get enrolled as an advocate, an application in the prescribed form needs to be submitted to the State Bar Council within whose jurisdiction the applicant proposes to practice.


Among various options, law graduates can opt for Legislative Council in Legislative Department and legal service in Department of Legal Affairs. Almost in all the ministries / departments / undertakings of the Government of India and the State Govt., there is a specific position of law officers and legal advisors for those who qualify the Union Public Service Commission or State Public Service Commission examination.

3. Law graduates are appointed as Income Tax as well as Sales Tax Officers, Legal Advisors, Judicial Members in CAT, Legal Secretaries in Assembly staff, quasi judicial bodies, members of law commission or as public prosecutors, government advocates, solicitors. To conduct court martial proceedings, they are also recruited in the legal branches in Indian Army, Navy and Air force.


Law graduates who have a flair for teaching, may after qualifying NET/SET examinations become Professors or Guest Lecturers in prestigious universities.

5. Now-a-days Legal Journalism is a field where many law students do opt for. Law graduates can also work with international organizations like the United Nations and its agencies, NGOs etc.


These firms provide the opportunity to work on a wide range of problems that may or may not be restricted to a particular area of the law. Benefits associated include an attractive salary; large and diverse client base; extensive firm resources; luxurious offices, global perspective, prestige and networking opportunities.


A law graduate with a good flair for research is best suited for this job. Various High Courts of India and the Supreme Court of India recruits Law Researchers in order to assist the Hon’ble Judges in Judgment writing, case briefing, case analysis etc. The remuneration which this career provides is attractive and the experience gained by working with Hon’ble Judges will always enhance the profile of individual as it provides an extra edge over others.


Due to the modern trend of business world, contract drafting is flourishing in most of the industries. Keeping this in mind now a days almost each and every Company requires an In-house Legal Counsel who can readily draft agreements, contracts, Memorandum of Understanding, Petitions, Replies to legal notices etc. The job profile of an In-house Counsel is a very challenging one and demands a lot of hard work but at the same time the handsome monetary benefits is what it makes it a sough after profession in the modern legal world.


In the modern welfare state the Non Government organizations are playing a pivotal role in bringing the burning issues to the courts by filing the various public interest Litigation (PIL). The role and responsibilities of NGO’s have increased manifold and now they are equally keeping a track of law and order in the society and addressing the problems of the masses to judiciary at proper forum through proper mechanism. Due to the extended role of NGO’s the Career prospects of Lawyers have also increased by leaps and bounds. A large number of NGO’s keep their legal department equipped with Lawyers who are readily available to advise them on complex legal and social issues and provide the best possible protection to the victims within the ambit of our legal framework.


Being evident of the number of pending cases in the Indian Courts a noble step taken by the Government was to abate with the requirement of three years court practice in order to be eligible for becoming a Judge by joining lower Judiciary. This bar has been eliminated and now a fresh graduate and post graduate in Law is eligible to become a judge after successfully completing the selection procedure of various State Public service Commission.


The modern corporate houses have to go through rigorous provisions of Law in order to carry out their business activities smoothly. They induct a large number of lawyers who are entrusted with different legal responsibilities. The legal issues of such corporate house are dealt extensively with the lawyers by providing the corporate houses the best possible legal solution.


With the passage of time the role of private players in the CNG industry is increasing and many new private players are emerging in this field. The “Go Green” initiative by the Government of India is being implemented by supporting the private players in the field of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). There are plethora of rules and regulations, compliances, Acts which are to be taken care in the field of CNG Industry. The apex body governing the industry is Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB). The Legal complexities involved in the business of CNG has paved way for Legal Advisors who are entrusted with all the legal issues involved in CNG Industry.