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Law College Admission 2021

Law college admission in 2021 is generally being done on the basis of an entrance examination in most of the colleges. There are...
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Consumer Protection Act 2019 and Its Practical Implications

Introduction The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (“New Act”) received the President’s assent on 9th August 2019 and has replaced the Consumer Protection Act,...
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Black Robes for Advocates: The Historical Perspective

Except for a few countries, Black and White is a ubiquitous symbol of the Legal Profession across the world. The...
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Is it possible to become a Judge after B.A. LL.B.?

Yes, you can become a Judge after B.A. LL.B.! This is because the very first eligibility criteria for becoming Judge states that the candidate...
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What is an Integrated Law Course?

An integrated law course can be broadly defined as a law course that includes dual conventional degrees, one of which is the...
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Importance of LinkedIn for Law students

As most of us know, LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. The platform...
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Changes in Justice Delivery system in pandemic @ Virtual Hearings

The global Covid-19 pandemic that has lead to lockdowns in a large number of nations around the world, and has caused serious disruption in...
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B.A. LL.B.: A favourable course towards a career in law

In this age of rampant globalization, wherein all boundaries have been outstripped and the entire global community is putting an...
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Four Things One Must Remember To Win A Court Case

Four Things One Must Remember To Win A Court Case Generally speaking, a lawyer has to discharge dual responsibility. Firstly,...
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Law As A Career

Importance of Legal Profession Nowadays, there is surge in pursuing law as a profession owing to the changing social and economic circumstances and...
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Do You Know About Civil Law?

Civil Law: An introduction Civil Law systems are also known as continental or Romano-Germanic legal systems. They are found on all...
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Why India needs Population Control Law?

In many ways, “OVERPOPULATION” stands out as one of India’s biggest problem today. This is because, its unstoppable growth portends...
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