1. Registration Fee submitted at the time of admission is not refundable.
  2. In the event of confirmation for admission and payment of registration amount, ALC will invest for customized equipment, infrastructure, faculty etc. and hence no refund shall be
    tenable in the light of investment made by ALC.
  3. Non submission of documents shall lead to cancellation of admission and the college will not be responsible for the same.
  4. In case of student leaving the course due to any reason, it is mandatory for the concerned student to obtain “No Dues Certificate” to ensure system effectiveness.
  5. If, in opinion of the Director/Principal/Head/Associate Dean, for any reason, continuance of a student in the College is detrimental to the best interest of College, he/she may be
    asked to leave the College.
  6. Students shall have to fully abide by the norms, rules and regulations of ALC and submit to the disciplinary committee/authority in case of any violation.
  7. While talking disciplinary action, the management is empowered to impose fine, suspend or even expel the concerned student.
  8. Student should never try to encroach into privacy of administrative area of the institute which, upon violation, may invite penalty as per norms.
  9. There should not be misuse of internet facility as provided in the labs. Students are not allowed to download pictures, movies, videos, unauthorized, objectionable content; in
    case of misusing the same, their act shall be viewed under the provisions of Cyber Laws.
  10. Using mobile phones during the class is strictly prohibited. Recording the lecture or any conversation in between students or with the faculty or senior management will not be
    excused. This kind of act will lead to disciplinary action against the student(s) involved.
  11. Any sort of electronic gadgets like cell phones, pagers, walkmans, disc mans, iPods etc. are not allowed to be used during the lectures. Strict disciplinary action shall be initiated against students violating the norms.
  12. Listening Music inside class rooms or in corridors is strictly prohibited. Students are expected to maintain decorum by regulating their act, voice, actions etc. while they are in
  13. Students are not supposed to loiter within the College premises while the classes are going on.
  14. Consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol, chewing of gutka, any intoxicants/drugs inside the institute is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found indulging in these activities, the student would be liable for fine and punishment and may even be rusticated in such a case.
  15. Students are expected to do nothing either inside or outside the college that will in any way interfere with its orderly conduct and discipline.
  16. Insubordination and unbecoming language or misconduct, on the part of a student is sufficient reason for his/her suspension or dismissal.
  17. Any student found misbehaving in the class, library or computer lab with faculty/staff/fellow students will be severely punished. The nature of punishment will depend upon the severity of offence.
  18. Every student must obtain on admission an Identity Card, which must have his/her photograph attested. He/she must use it whenever in the college premises, representing the college outside premises and present it for inspection on demand.
  19. Every student is required to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance separately for lectures, tutorials, event/activities and/or practical conducted for each semester.
  20. In case of absence on account of illness, Principal/Head-ALC should be informed by the student/parents the concerned. On resuming college, the concerned student should report
    to the Head-ALC along with prescription, supporting reports and fitness certificate.
  21. Students are not allowed to attend classes in other section of the batch of which he/she is not a part of.
  22. No student is supposed to collect any money or contribution for picnic, trip or educational visit to some place, get-together, study-notes, charity or any other activity
    without prior sanction from the Director.
  23. No student is supposed to take part in the active politics.
  24. No student is supposed to communicate any information or write about matters dealing with the College administration to the Press/ Social Media or with any other institution
  25. Student should contribute towards keeping the campus and infrastructure clean. Any negligence on the part of student may lead to appropriate action as suggested by the
  26. Writing on walls, pillars, toilets, furniture or corridors is prohibited and violation may lead to appropriate action as decided by the authorities.
  27. Students shall be liable to pay fine along with the compensation if any damage/misuse of the equipment/infrastructure is reported to.
  28. Any Society or Association of students will not be started without written permission of the authorities.
  29. No person(s) shall be invited to address or entertain the students of institute without the permission of the concerned authority.
  30. Carrying any valuables in the institute will be at the risk of the concerned student and institute will not accept any responsibility of the valuables lost inside campus.
  31. Students applying for certificates, testimonials, etc. that require the Director’s signature on any kind of document or application should first contact the class coordinator.
  32. The Institution hereby does not assure its eligibility in regards to any and every scholarship scheme, in case a student wishes to apply for any scholarship state/national/other, process compliance will be solely the responsibility of the student.
  33. Students receiving Government or College Scholarships or any remission in fees must note that the grant and continuance thereof are subject to good behavior, regular attendance and satisfactory progress.
  34. It is the responsibility of students to read the Notice Boards regularly for important announcements made by the College office from time to time. They will not be excused or given any concession on grounds of ignorance or not reading notices.
  35. Any changes in the address/email Id/contact number of the student should be immediately updated to the Head-ALC through class coordinator for effective communication.
  36. For any self-infliction or infection of mental agony or problem developed, ALC management/authorities shall not be held responsible at any time during completion of the course/course tenure.
  37. The award of value addition Diplomas and Certifications will depend upon the recommendation of academic department which will be on the basis of the performance of students in the evaluative parameters of such Diploma and Certifications.
  38. In the view of enhancing and upgrading students’ place-ability score, the value additional courses offered are an integral part of BALLB Program and do not hold any distinct or additional course fee to claim for

Additional Guidelines for B.A. LL.B./LL.B. Students opting for Short Learning Program (SLP) at University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa.

  1. A minimum of 75% attendance in all the Semester is mandatory, failing which the student shall not be eligible for 08 Day educational trip to University of Cape Town for
    SLP on International Law and legal Framework.
  2. The workshop at Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town is scheduled after completion of 1st year of B.A. LL.B depending upon academic schedule of Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Only the students with proven records (attendance, conduct, fee paid etc.) will be entitled for this workshop.
  3. The concerned student has to submit his/her passport before commencement of classes for the course and ensure that the passport is valid for next three years from the date of
    commencement of classes for B.A.LL.B with SLP at Asian Law College.
  4. Travel to UCT – Cape Town ,South Africa is subject to Visa being granted by the South African High Commission and that the student would be given maximum of two chances
    for Visa application. First chance shall be provided in second year of the course and only in case of rejection of visa in first chance, the second and the final chance will be given
    in third year of BA. LL.B course. Thereafter, the student would not be given any further chance for UCT-SLP.
  5. Visa application fee for the first time would be paid by the college, whereas in case of rejection of first application of visa due to any reason whatsoever, second time visa
    application fee will have to be borne by the student.
  6. It will be the sole responsibility of the student to apply for Visa as directed by the college and should present all the required documents for visa approval as demanded by the
    South African High Commission.
  7. Once the student enrolled for SLP at UCT and his/her visa is approved by the South African High Commission, he/she cannot withdraw from the scheduled travel for UCT
    workshop under any circumstances whatsoever, and if he/she do so he/she will not be entitled to claim any further chance to avail UCTSLP and certification.
  8. The students who have enrolled for B.A. LL.B International Program will not be allowed to transfer their admission to any other course of Asian Education Group in any
    circumstances whatsoever

Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Disciplinary Committee/Director of the Institute.