“Growth with Education”

Our vision of the future is to build ALC into a law school with a reputation that matches the reputation of leading world class institutions.

Our long term objective is to become a leading Indian Law School known for excellence in the field of legal education. We envision ALC as an institution that produces outstanding lawyers that shall have direct nexus with raising the standard of legal education in India.

More Specifically we want to build ALC into an institution that :

  • Attracts highly qualified faculty members who develop innovative knowledge that is highly relevant to the ever changing legal environment and society and who disseminate this knowledge through publications in top tier legal and professional journals visa’-vis corporate engagement.
  • Attracts highly talented students and provide them with an intercultural learning environment that offers research based expertise in the flagship programs of B.A. LL.B. and LL.B.



The Mission of Asian Law College is to establish well researched and pragmatic approach towards legal education and legal practice to enable its students to meet the ever increasing demand of legal profession. Asian Law College aims at developing conceptual and practical skills of students and helps to convert the abilities of students into legal and managerial competence which is the need of the hour. We at Asian Law College strongly believe that a blend of relevant knowledge, skills and right attitude is essential for overall development of students which will determine their growth and success in the legal field.