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Centre for Skill Development


Centre for Skill Development Program developed by the institute, offers one to one individuated interactive sessions wherein each prodigy (student) shall have a Crafter (faculty advisor), who will be the counselor as well as the mentor for academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Special emphasis has been given to court room exercises so as to gain excellent rhetoric skills and in-depth knowledge of precedents, and also to familiarize students with the environment of courtroom long before their actual entry into the legal world.

The teaching pedagogy will also include:

  • Class room discussions, to prepare students for their future roles as lawyers or public orators.
  • Simulation skills for handling real life problems.
  • Assignments on various non-law subjects and current affair topics so as to encourage the research skills of students.
  • Conducting workshops by eminent legal dignitaries on issues of contemporary legal significance.
  • Guest speaker sessions and seminars with distinguished scholars.

The institution firmly believes in the amalgamation of high quality teaching and overall development of students, and that the results are much more positive when both learner and learned play an active role. The secret of ALC’s effective pedagogy lies in promoting group dynamics which include bringing a group of diverse students into a state of homogeneity and coherency for accomplishing a task.

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