Asian Law College ( ALC)  established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in 2016. Since then, IQAC is actively contributing towards quality enhancement and improvement of the college. The  current academic year composition of IQAC  is as follows:

  1. Principal, Dr Mohd. Khalid – Chairperson, IQAC
  2. Mr. Ashish  – Teachers Representative and Coordinator of IQAC
  3. Dr. Prity Sharma  – Teachers Representative
  4. Ms. Divyasha Dubey – Teacher’s Representative
  5. Dr. Sunita Verma  – Management Representative
  6. Mr. Farman Ahmead – Senior Administrative Officer
  7. Mr. Himanshu Jha  – Senior Administrative Officer
  8. Mr. Amit Nagar – Nominee, Local Society
  9. Vandana  – Student Representative
  10. Ms. Sheetal Singh  – Alumni Representative
  11.  Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma – Employer Representative