Asian Law College, under the aegis of Asian Education Group (AEG), with legacy of more than 25 years of academic excellence in multi disciplinary education viz Media, Entertainment, Management, Cinema, Fine Arts, Fashion and International Business, clearly apprehends and acknowledges this fact along with a commitment to those who want to develop both intellectual thinking and practical problem solving.

At ALC, it is not just about what is taught within its confines like cramming cases and statuettes, but absolute comprehensions of the advantages that a law degree can give.

ALC provides opportunities for students to develop interpersonal, intellectual and practical skills to inculcate unique leadership styles by providing a regular interface with faculty and practitioners. The objective of the programme is to stimulate mental ability of the student in such a way that promotes approaching each problem by viewing merits and demerits of the situation afresh. The overall focus is to empower the students with high end employability. This course has been designed for students willing to work in a learning environment leading to developing leadership skills, out-of-the-box thinking and matured decision making. In order to achieve this, ALC expects the students to be open minded, ready for learning, motivated and willing to adapt to the changing and fresh approach of the World of Law.