Asian Law College is pleased to announce THE SOCIAL CHANGE-MAKER CHAMPIONSHIP of the Year. As an institution of law, with a keen focus on social welfare and social upliftment, this mega event will provide a platform to all the ALC students who with their ideas and efforts aim to sculpt the society into a transformed virtuous habitat for humanity. The ALC Social Change-Maker Championship is being conducted under the aegis of ALC Legal Aid Center, which works arduously towards the social welfare and social well being. The ALC Social Change-Maker Champion of The Year 2023-24 will receive a social grant of Rs. 1 lac, Digital & Web presence of the socialchange idea along with the Winner’s Shield and Certificate.

Guidelines to Participate

  1. The duration of the Championship is from 1 December 2023 to 31 July 2024. The social welfare activities performed during the given time frame ONLY shall be considered for evaluation.
  2. For the purpose of verification, the participants have to upload testimonials/documents of the social activity conducted which may include certificates, letters of appreciation, photographs (preferably Geotagged), videos, proof of appreciation on socialmedia etc.
  3. If the documents/testimonials submitted are found to be doctored or tampered, it shall lead to disqualification and initiation of disciplinary action against such participants.
  4. The participants can submit their entries either through the link for the google form provided on the Asian Law College website or by scanning the below provided QR code.
  5. Participants shall have to submit separate entries each time for different welfare activities conducted during the above mentioned time frame through the same link/QR code.
  6. The participation in the championship is open only for Asian Law College ( ALC) students . The eligibility, evaluation and final shortlisting of The ALC Social Change Maker Champion of The Year 2023-24 shall be at the sole discretion of the Evaluation Committee formed by The Asian Law College Legal Aid Centre.

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