Sandeep Marwah


ALC stands for mutualistic relationships of learners coming from different parts but forming one world. Asian Law College, Noida aims at carrying forward the legacy of the rich educational and intellectual heritage of Asian Education Group, which is proud to have inscribed names of outstanding personalities on its scroll since its inception. We continue our indefatigable pursuit towards excellence at ALC Noida by refining quality educational programs that prepare students for leadership positions and the challenges of the 21st century.

ALC is a student centric campus and it lays down a rock-solid foundation for young learners to build up a haven of knowledge and intellect wherein students are encouraged to uncap their latent talents and hone their skills. Learners are adequately equipped with integrity to stride into the competitive global market with confidence and courage.

Asian Law College is characterized by the sheer quality of its faculty, staff and students. It enjoys a reputation to work towards the cause of higher learning and intellectual growth in the country. At ALC, our future lawyers would not only hoist the flag of justice in an unfailing manner but would also be the harbingers of growth.

Given the excellent and enlivening environment at Asian Law College, more learners are looking forward to launch their careers at this campus.

We assure you that at ALC, you will acquire your prescription for success !