Akshay Marwah


Asian Law College is committed to creating a global hub for disseminating knowledge that transcends national and international borders, instilling in every student a deep sense of responsibility towards society by igniting the “cause of Justice” in their minds. The ultimate goal is to transform every student into an excellent legal professional who can make a positive impact on the world.

At the core of Asian Law College’s values lie its engagement in high-quality research, innovative teaching methods, and experiential learning opportunities such as the “Rolling Internship” program with top-tier law firms and companies, workshops conducted by distinguished international faculty and experts, and student exchange programs that expose students to the international legal environment.

The Asian Law College’s approach to student development can be vouched for by its “mentor-mentee program” based on the principles of “guru-shishya parampara.” Here, the guru (mentor) undertakes the responsibility of transforming every student into a well-rounded legal professional of tomorrow.

The academic programs at Asian Law College are designed to merge contemporary legal developments with traditional doctrines and jurisprudences, offering unlimited academic freedom and diverse choices of course combinations. This creates a dynamic and innovative education system that is holistic in nature and prepares aspiring legal professionals to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

I welcome and invite every young aspirant, inquisitive mind, and dreamer to join Asian Law College and experience the thrill of soaring high and even higher! With our comprehensive education system and excellent resources, you will be equipped to make a positive impact on society and contribute to the field of law in a meaningful way.