With a view to develop professional legal skills in future law aspirants, Asian Law College provides knowledge in parallel settings such as mock trials, debate competitions, moot court competitions, role plays, dramas and many more. The teaching pedagogy adopted for this program are designed to promote multi-faceted inquiry and practical appreciation of given problems. Teaching and Research lessons are provided through presentations, lectures, group discussions, case studies, moot court, seminars and project work. Reading, Writing and Research skills also get developed through class presentations and research based project assignments.

ALC also follows a “3 hour specifically designed workshop module” as per the International Standards with the following objectives:

  • Team Work – This enhances various abilities like team building, leadership, conflict management and working with people.
  • Social Networking – Our Group Projects enable students to work in a group even if they don’t know each other well enough.
  • Project Portfolio – During Internships and Final placements, students do portray Project Portfolio developed by them in each course.
  • Integrating Theory with Practice by actually doing rather than just by cramming.
  • Honing of Holistic Skills as students complete projects in every course.