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Ms. MEENA LALL, Chief Legal Officer, TATA Steels Ltd. proffers an eye-opener live session on “Super Specialization in Law: The Need of the Hour” at Asian Law College!

Ms. MEENA LALL, Chief Legal Officer, TATA Steels Ltd. delivered a live interactive webinar session on the topic “SUPER SPECIALIZATION IN LAW: THE NEED OF THE HOUR” at Asian Law College (ALC) for its B.A. LL. B. & LL.B. students and aspirants on Saturday, 24th July 2021 from 3:00 PM onwards under its Legal Lecture Series (LLS) 2021. The webinar turned out to be a wonderful eye-opener session for all who participated in it.

Ms. Meena Lall is a Gold Medalist in LL.B. from Jabalpur University. She started her career in 1988 as a practicing Advocate in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh at its Principal Bench at Jabalpur. In a short practice span of a year and a half, she was appointed amicus curiae in some cases by the High Court and also has to her credit, few judgments in cases argued by her, reported. Later, in 1990, she joined Tata Steel Ltd as in-house counsel.

In Tata Steel, Ms. Meena Lall rose through the levels and has been heading the Legal function at Tata Steel since 2008 in her current designation as Chief-Legal (Industrial & Litigation). Ms. Meena has a rich experience in dealing with litigation in diverse fields of law, such as criminal, land, mining, environment, forest, labour to name a few. She has the experience in the field of contracts of several kinds and dispute resolution.

She is a keen learner and a passionate professional. She has contributed in to Volume-8 of a book series written by Mr. Samaraditya Pal titled ‘Constitution of India-Its Origins and Evolution’. Continuing her learning streak, during the academic year 2019-20, she enrolled for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law and Cyber Forensic, which she has cleared recently.

A core initiative of Asian Education Group (AEG) – considered as the largest centre for professional media, IT, law, management, fashion & hospitality education in Asia with world-class facilities – this webinar was organized by Asian Law College (ALC) – which is a constituent group college of Asian Education Group and is ranked as one of the one of the best Law Colleges in Delhi NCR – for all B.A. LL.B. & LL.B.  students & aspirants. The webinar was followed by a lively Q&A Session with the eminent guest.

The webinar session started with the eminent guest, Ms. Meena Lall, thanking the ALC team for inviting her for this session. To quote her words, she said that it was “a pleasure to speak to the students who would be leading tomorrow’s India” and was “delighted to be here, although it would have been better meeting them face-to-face.”

She then got on to the topic of the day, viz. “SUPER SPECIALIZATION IN LAW: THE NEED OF THE HOUR”, and said that it was quite a pertinent topic of the modern era when almost every aspect of life and living requires a particular focus and attention to details. In this context, Super Specialization in Law was indeed the need of the hour. Taking the help of a PPT presentation, Ms. Meena Lall gradually introduced her avid young audience consisting of lawyers-in-the-making to the concept of specialization in law, the need for super specialization in law due to the rising complexity of legal problems, the evolution of the concept of specialization vis-à-vis the tribunalisation of justice in India, examples of tribunals & writ jurisdiction, the various specializations (like civil law, criminal law, tax law, labour law, corporate law, intellectual property law, medical & healthcare law, media law, real estate law, admiralty law, and international law)  that were available for them to pick and choose for themselves, what one should do to specialize in law, and the traits to possess (like tenacity, patience, learning by osmosis, transparency) for a successful career in law.

It goes without saying that this presentation by the much experienced senior law professional was truly an eye-opener for all the budding law students who were a part of this wonderful session!

The eminent guest speaker, Ms. Meena Lall then opened the session for questions from the participating students. As expected, there was a series of questions that were put up by the enthusiastic ALC B.A. LL.B. & LL.B. students that related to her work and achievements as well as the various aspects of the study of law and the different careers that it opened for students. The experienced and erudite speaker provided the most convincing answers to each of them for all to gain and learn.

In her concluding message to the students, Ms. Meena Lall importantly said, “Life is limited; don’t waste it by living somebody else’s life. Look for your own strength, and build upon it a great future for yourself!”

As a token of gratitude for her valuable time and gracious presence, Ms. Meena Lall was presented with a glittering “Memento” on behalf of Asian Education Group that was much appreciated by the eminent guest.