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Asian Law College organizes skill development activity – CLIENT COUNSELLING – for LL.B. students

MOOT COURT SOCIETY”, a student club of  Asian Law College (ALC) organized a skill development activity on the theme of  “CLIENT COUNSELLING” for its 1st Semester, 3rd Semester & 5th Semester LL.B. students on Thursday, 19th September 2019 at its Noida campus.

The objective of the activity was “to provide the basic knowledge of the Client Counselling sessions and other practical aspects related to it.”

The activity started by integrating all the participants from each semester and subsequently forming a team of 3 students each. The teams were then assigned with the cases which were taken from their course subject, i.e. Law of Contract.

A total of 3 Landmark Judgements were picked for the activity, namely –

1)      Balfour V. Balfour

2)      Lalman Shukla V. Gauri Dutt

3)      Carlill V. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.

A total of 15 minutes were given to each team to peruse the case and form a view as to their respective roles in the activity and how to perform it. Two teams were then picked to present the facts of the above-mentioned cases by one team acting as the Client seeking legal advice and remedy from the Councilors, i.e. the other team.

The spirit of team-work displayed by each team in this activity was phenomenal. The whole activity was carried with much zeal and enthusiasm from all the participants and proved to be a great learning experience for all those who participated.

Some of the outcomes of the activity were:

Ø  Allowed students to think creatively and answer convincingly when questioned and show their oratory, writing and persuasive skills.

Ø  Gave practical knowledge to the students by putting them in a hypothetical situation similar to that of a real court.

Ø  Provided the opportunity to the students to socialize and connect with each other and to work together in harmony.

Ø  Students participating for the first time got exposure along with the motivation to take part in a more comprehensive way and in other competitions and moots as well.

 Asian Law College ( ALC) part of Asian education Group (AEG) believes in providing substantial practical training  to all its students through its various Thursday Activities which are designed on the touchstone of practical requirements of the legal profession

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