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Asian Law College (ALC) organized Digital Shakti workshop in Collaboration with National Commission for Women ( NCW) and Cyber Peace Foundation

Asian Law College part of Asian Education Group (AEG), organized the Digital Shakti Workshop at its campus on 19th December 2019 in collaboration with National Commission for Women (NCW) and Cyber Peace Foundation. The workshop was Chaired by Ms. Jennies Varghese.

The workshop was inclined towards spreading awareness on the safe use of the internet and technology. The speaker is enlightened about the possible menace of the internet due to the ignorance of general mass. The workshop made the audience realize how the modern technology transgression which is considered to be a blessing in disguise has the same potential of being a threat if not used properly. The unconventional crime Cyber Murder was discussed through a live case study of the US by the speaker. The speaker further made the audience go down the memory lane by citing examples and instances of life when the smartphone was not invented and how the invention of smartphones and usage of the internet has changed the entire scenario of communication and made life easy for all of us. The speaker gave insights and important guidelines for the safe use of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites. The speaker brought forth the fact and figures of the percentage of male and female internet users in India and how India which has only 34% of internet users still enjoys the Second position when it comes to the Ranking of countries with the highest Internet users. 


The session came to an end with an appeal from the speaker to be vigilant and to spread cyber literacy amongst the masses which will ultimately help in decreasing the rampant increase in Cyber Crimes. Asian Law College (ALC) has always been inclined towards arranging interaction of its Faculty members and students with the industry experts. The Legal Aid Society of Asian Law College has been entrusted with the responsibility of carrying ahead this Digital Shakti Workshop to rural areas and spread awareness about internet usage and precautions for a safe and progressive society. 

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