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Asian Law College (ALC) hosts internationally acclaimed media personality, Prof Karl Bardosh for a highly rewarding workshop session

Asian Law College (ALC) was honored to welcome Prof Karl Bardosh – the internationally acclaimed personality of media & entertainment industry and a pioneer in mobile films – for a highly rewarding workshop session at its Noida campus on Wednesday, 20th February 2019.

An outstanding film educator with over 30 years of professional experience in Europe, Asia, Brazil, Hollywood and New York in all genres of film and television, Prof. Karl Bardosh of New York University has been an award-winning director, producer, writer, editor of features, shorts, television series and documentaries.

During all these years, Prof. Bardosh has been a trendsetting pioneer in many areas of film and television like initiating the world’s first network television educational series on the Aesthetics of Film (Hungary, 1967-68); pioneering a new genre, Poetry Music Videos with Allen Ginsberg (Blue Ribbon, First Prize, American Film Festival, 1985); spearheading the first American-Hungarian feature film Forced March (1989); writing, directing & editing the first American documentary on Bollywood & Indian Parallel Cinema for the American Public Broadcasting System (Bombay, 1992) that was run in prime time for three years.

Prof. Bardosh has also pioneered the Cell Phone Cinema in India, in co-production with Executive Director, Sandeep Marwah at the Asian Academy of Film and Television, Film City, Noida in January, 2007.

Prof Karl Bardosh’s session was highly enlightening and enthralling as all aspects of film and entertainment was touched upon by him in the lecture. The speaker started the session with inquisitive questions being posed to students with regard to smart phones, pictures on smart phones, etc. and with the passage of time the speaker touched the frontiers of legal aspects involved in the film and entertainment laws.

More particularly, the Cinematography Act, Copy Right Act, Patent Act, etc. were discussed in the session and the role and importance of attorney even at international forum was also brought forth in the discussion.

Besides, the Professor addressed all the technical and important aspect of law which have a major role to play in cinema production and exhibition. The important legislation governing the transaction of entertainment industry was also discussed.

The distinguished speaker also encouraged the young aspiring law students of Asian Law College to produce some feature films by shooting them on their mobile phone and also guided them on how to improve the quality of the film by using various available software.

The session came to a humble end with questions of the students being addressed by the speaker in a lucid manner and the speaker left the audience with the motivation to explore and select amongst the available huge potential of entertainment industry for law professionals as career.

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