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Asian Law College (ALC) Educational Visit to National Museum, New Delhi under Ministry of Culture, Government of India:

The students of B.A. LL.B. 2022- 2027 Batch will be taken for an educational visit to the National Museum, New Delhi, beginning from 19th October 2022. This is part of a unique endeavour wherein the students will be witnessing some of the best objects from across the country and the world housed in the magnificent galleries of the National Museum, a premier museum of India which boasts of a rich collection of artefacts.

The museum has over two lakh art objects representing over five thousand years of Indian art and craftsmanship. The collection includes sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, coins, jewellery, costumes, textiles, weapons and armoury, among other interesting representations of Indian antiquity. The National Museum is a custodian of the treasure trove of India’s multi-layered history and multi-cultural heritage.

The students of B.A. LL.B. 2022 Batch who are avid learners of history, particularly of the Ancient and Medieval periods, will be provided with hands-on learning experience in keeping with the vision and mission of Asian Law College of disseminating experiential learning to its students.

This educational visit not only aims to expand and broaden the horizons of the students but also enhance their understanding of India’s rich culture and heritage epitomized in the exquisite exhibits of the National Museum. This educational visit has been designed in consonance with the learning outcomes and course objectives of the prescribed syllabus which endeavour to provide a holistic and comprehensive learning experience to the students.

The visit will include a guided tour which will cover all the relevant galleries including the galleries containing artefacts of the Harappan Civilization; Mauryan, Satavahana, and Kushana Art; Gupta and Post-Gupta Art; Early and Late Medieval Art; and Indian Miniature Paintings. The galleries exhibiting a rich corpus of Indian jewels and warfare equipment will also be part of the guided tour.