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Internship during a Law Degree

“Internship” – the word which matters a lot on your Law CV. Is this the complete reality, or for the Law recruitment, there are others things as well which matter?

A Student while perusing his/her Law degree dreams of getting an internship with a Big Law firm (Tier-1). As the chances of securing a job offer at a big law firm increases if you have done internship with that particular firm. Moreover, it is much easier to secure a job at the law firm you intern with during the recruitment season. What happens during the internship period with these big law firms?

The process of securing an internship starts with filling up an online form which can be accessed through the website of the respective firms where the student desires to take up the internship. After completion of the form if your CV is shortlisted you get a call from the firm within 2-3 days. Other ways of getting internship in firms are:

  1. Internship through your College Internship Cell –

One of the most effective and simple ways of securing internship is to go through the official internship committee of your law college. As it is easy for an internship cell to reach out to top firms and their partners and convince them to take few interns from the college.

  1. Internship through Recommendation –

Another way to get an internship is through a recommendation from someone in your network who can influence the partners of some firms to select an intern. 

  1. Internship through showcasing your Talent or Scholarship –

To do well in law field you need to start learning from the textbook and statutes, and then dive deeper in the practical issues of the day to day life. Students who write blog on legal issues are considered smart and get an opportunity to work as interns with the Big law firms.

Though, sometimes it is not that easy to get an internship of your liking, several months of consistent hard work can help you in securing internship with the best law firm.

Duration of Internship and Timings – 

Usually you would need a minimum of 4 weeks of internship to learn and get acquainted to the working environment of the firm you are interning with. The office timings are from 9.30 to 6.30 but during urgent work you might have to stay a bit longer.

Main Task – 

The work range can vary from firm to firm. Usually proof reading and research work is excepted out of an intern. Rough drafting of documents can also be given to the interns depending upon their calibre. Interns get to see many confidential agreements and can learn a lot out of the experience they get from their internship period.

 Conclusion –

 Any experience gained during your internship at a law firm is crucial for your future work life. A first time intern has a lot to learn from his/her internship. Apart from legal exposure, the law interns can learn about the working of the firm and how to interact with the co-interns, other stakeholders of the law firm, which help boost their interactive and legal skills.

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