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Gateway to legal education in India is through LL.B. and BA.LLB. courses. LLB. course is a traditional course offered by various Indian law institutions which has a duration of 3 years. On completion of the course LLB. degree is awarded to the law students. After obtaining a LLB. degree, law graduates are required to appear for AIBE examination which enables them to practice as an advocate in Indian Courts. Legal education and demand for legal professional’s is gaining momentum as more number of advocates are required to handle the cases arising out of disputes between private individuals, nations and crimes against society. In a society, lawyers render services to all the segments of society by enforcing their legal and constitutional rights. Moreover “LAW” has a unique selling proposition that a law graduate can choose a career in all the three organs of the government i.e. Judiciary, Executive and Legislation. This is the reason legal education opens the door for wide variety of careers.

A person having a law degree can opt for private as well as public sector jobs. It depends upon the personal preference of a student to opt for various job opportunities after LLB.

  1. Private Law Practice – As an advocate your job is to bring justice to the people and society. Though the job is not very lucrative in the initial period but with the passage of time the growth is exponential in terms of knowledge and money. There are various specializationsin which you can practice law:
  • Criminal Law – As a criminal lawyer your job is to defend the person guilty of a social crime. As a criminal lawyer, the practice in criminal courts start with the bail applications and further goes on to the cases related to Murder, Rape, etc.
  • Civil Law – Civil law can be further divided into cases related to Property or Personal Injury. The major role as civil lawyer is to ensure that your client gets sufficient damages for the injury caused to him by the opposite party.
  • Corporate Law–As a corporate lawyer you are required to provide legal assistance to corporate firms regarding formation, compliance and governance. In Corporate world good negotiation and communication skills are required.
  • Income Tax Law – As an income tax lawyer you mainly deal with the matters related to filling of Income Tax and matters related to discrepancies in refunds and filling of Income Tax. Here you advise High Worth Individuals and Organization in respect to any tax issues.
  1. Corporate Legal Advisor –As a corporate legal advisor you are required to give support and assistance to organizations in their day to day work. As a corporate legal advisor, you are required to appear in court representing your organization and even for out of the court settlement. This is the most lucrative career prospect after completion of LLB. 
  1. Judge–The most common and satisfactory career choice is judiciary after completion of LLB is getting appointed as a judge. As a judge you can deliver judgements to bring a change in justice system of a country. The job brings in authority and responsibility to deliver justice. 
  1. Teaching – With good academic recordand zeal to learn, a law graduate can opt for LLM. after completion of LLB. He can apply in various universities and institutions offering legal education. 

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