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LAW ENTRANCE EXAMS – Preparation tips to crack CLAT/LSAT/AILET

Course of preparation for law entrance does not come really easy; one should be mentally and physically ready to put in the hard work. Syllabus for the entrance test is wide and so the aspirant needs to be self-motivated and focused on their goals. The candidate should try and attempt as many mock test he or she can so as to improve your accuracy and speed.

Test day requires deliberate and persistent practice, and also effective stress-management techniques.

  • The best method to practice for the LSAT is to solve the prior actual tests. It is an excellent way to familiarize you with the exam structure/format and serves as a good means to identify gaps that need to be plugged. You should be well-familiar with even the test instructions and question types to avoid any surprises on the examination day.
  • Students should consult some good preparation material for advice and strategy on tackling various question types, especially tricky ones such as “logic games”.
  • Pacing is key. Solving only all the test problems is not enough for a high score; the real test requires you to be accurate under timed. Progressing with your preparation, make sure you solve the practice exams in conditions that mimic the actual test conditions as closely as possible.
  • Timed practice tests are significantly important; the job of a student is not complete till a feedback loop is in place. Evaluating the wrong answers makes it highly probable that you discover your weaknesses and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Many  students assume that just sitting for the practice exams is enough; deliberate practice is vital to improving your score.
  • While it is important to put in dedicated hours of preparation every day to keep your mind sharp, and cramming for the test over weekends has ever diminishing returns. The similar duration of a study done over a longer period also utilizes the spacing effect which has proven to be quite effective in studying. Remember: it is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • No negative marking for incorrect answer choices, you should not leave any question. Process of elimination helps quite a lot in making educated guesses. It is also important to not get bogged down by a particular question as all of them carry equal weight.
  • It is crucial to be cautious while learning from preparation questions that are not coming from actual prior tests, the “model LSAT questions”. There is frequently a high chance that they do not adequately represent the type of questions that appear on the actual test.
  • LSAT is a copy based test; it is a good idea to practice solving the questions by using scratch paper. Particularly for logic games, it is good to put your diagramming skills to use as it is easy to get entangled amongst all the variables and their relationships.

The entrance examinations are a mix of Legal Reasoning, English, Elementary Mathematics and Current Affairs/ GK.

Listed below are some of the more tips for aspirants trying their hand at the entrance exams for law admissions.

  1. For various Law entrance exams, the student should not lose focus on the important current topics. Related subjects to trade, finance, international economics and anything as recent as the past six months.
  2. Current affairs role goes without saying, is very important. Almost all competitive exams constitute of 25 per cent of general knowledge questions. Current affairs understanding can be more beneficial rather than static GK.
  3. Law entrance aspirants, exams need to practice his logical reasoning, such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc.
  4. Awareness of legal news and knowing at least the most common of the legal general knowledge. Be it a legislative development in Parliament or a landmark judgment from the Supreme Court or High Courts, it would be important for the exams.
  5. Candidates are also tested in elementary mathematics. Hence make sure you go through mathematics of classes 8-10.
  6. Importance of the English language is vital and try his hand at mastering as much of it as possible. Preferably the student should be concentrating on vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar and sentence correction.
  7. The most important of them all it’s the art of managing time.

Suggested readings for the preparation of Law Entrance Exams

  • Read Newspaper like: Hindu, Indian Express & New Indian Express.
  • Prepare English from “Objective English” by Pearson
  • Prepare Mathematics from “RS Aggarwal”
  • Prepare Reasoning from “RS Aggarwal”
  • Prepare GK from “Pearson/Lucent”
  • Practice from CLAT previous year papers.
  • Practice from online/ offline mock test series.


Final words: Well to crack law exams, you should READ a lot, especially the newspapers. To be precise, devote an hour or two in a day to The Hindu -paper which is mostly recommended to the law aspirants and one should make notes. This actually would be the first advice any law exam taker would get from someone.  That would cover 3 subjects in a go, English, GK and to an extent Legal Reasoning too. Whenever you come across a case, make sure you make your verdict before you see the actual judgment. Other than this study every subject a little every day, this won’t let you get bore and you can be very well in touch with each and every subject. Lastly, SOLVE QUESTION PAPERS. (Mock papers of previous years) to make oneself well acquainted with the legal field and to achieve your goal and be successful.

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