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Internship for Law Degree: Why and How?

While pursuing a law degree like 5-year BA-LLB or 3-year LLB courses, practical knowledge is mandatory for a student, and to do this internship is a best exposure. Internship is an important key factor to get best knowledge of a law programme. Law degree is not about to just learn books, but here how to apply what one learned in classroom practically is important. To secure a high profile job after law degree, one needs some experience and for a fresher, internship gives a nice impression to their C.V.

Internship gives many hands-on experience to students to become a lawyer. It helps students to groom themselves and improve to get a good job in a big law firm. Internship programme while pursuing law degree gives many benefits. These are:

  1. It helps students to make contacts with firms that provides job after law so that they can find and secure a job after completing their degree.
  2. It makes the students’ resume more impactful to firms as every firm prefers employees who have practical experience to deal with tasks.
  3. It helps to convert academic knowledge into professional skills so that they can deal tasks properly which shall be provided in their actual job profile.

Process: –

Now, we know Internship is important but what is the process of securing an internship is also important to know. There are broadly four ways in which law students can get internship with big law firms or legal cells of corporate houses.

First is by filling up an online form of the firms which are provided on their websites. After filling the forms, the firm shortlists candidates from the applied C.Vs. within 2 and 3 days and call selected students. After that, the students can pursue their internship with that firm where they are selected.

The second way to get internship is through the college internship programme. Nowadays, almost all top law colleges in India, like Asian Law College in Noida, have set internship programme in their curriculum of law degree so that their students can avail relevant experiences and get placed with big law firms or law cells of corporate houses after completion of their degree course.

The third way of getting into an internship with a reputed law firm or legal cells of big corporate houses is through personal recommendation by someone in your network who can influence one of the decision-makers at such places to select an intern.

Yet another way of getting into an internship is through showcasing of your exceptional talent and scholarship at the subject and impressing your way through and securing an internship at your choicest law firm or corporate house.

These are then the processes to get internship but there are some factors also required to select by these process. Students’ knowledge, skills, and their presentation matters a lot in selection. So for these, law students need to learn deeper their textbook and statues and then use it properly in the practical issues of the day to day life. Students can also start to research on legal issues and then write blog which give them knowledge to how they can tackle issues practically.

Duration: –

The duration of Internship depends on the students and the firms where internship programme is going on. How much time a firm need from intern and how much time student like to do work as intern becomes the scheduled duration. Broadly, 1 to 2 months is needed to get good knowledge. Students’ calibre also matter; some students need more time to learn so they should pursue more as intern to learn better.

Conclusion: –

Practical exposure that the students get during Internship give them unforgettable experience of their work. Student’s mistakes and corrections, and their state of mind to learn during internship, open ways to get a good job in a big firm. Internship surely helps students to groom themselves and get direct interaction with issues and gives them knowledge on how to entertain stakeholders of the firm, which eventually help them to boost their confidence in getting a good career for themselves.

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