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Teaching pedagogy at Asian Law College : one of the joy in the life of students

According to C.S Lewis “The task of modern teacher is not to cut  down the jungle but to irrigate the desert”.  Asian  Law College believes in the holistic development of its students, and in order to realize its noble vision of seeing its each and every student stand tall in the courts as lawyers, judges, legal advisers the institute has adopted an innovative teaching pedagogy of  “Case Law“. The case law method helps to bring out the direct application of the bare text provisions.

The case law method is observed in each and every subject and is executed with the aid of decided case laws of Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals etc. The students are trained on how to short list the relevant observation from lengthy Judgement of courts running into  pages and pages. This  teaching methodology is an innovative method as it gives a huge opportunity of interpretation to the students. The students are made conversant with reading lengthy cases and are trained on how to bringing out the relevant excerpts from the decided judicial precedents. The Case Law method at Asian Law college helps the students to  develop their reading habit and learn the art of interpretation of various legal terms and legal maxims. The method is also very helpful to the students who are inclined towards participation in Moot court competitions.

At Asian Law College the case law method is observed not only in law subjects but the same is followed religiously even by the pre-law faculties. In  the subjects like Sociology, Political Science, History, Economics the concepts are explained with the help of judicial decisions which ultimately keeps the attention and zeal of students maintained even in pre-law subjects. The case law reading helps the students to realize what is the role of pre-law subjects in law course or how the courts have come up with various legal principles which have their roots in one or another pre-law subjects. The unique and distinct method also helps the students of Asian Law College to interpret the case from different perspective and even the discussion in the classroom provides the opportunity to redraft the final judgment of the case wherein students visualize themselves as decorating the chair and are suppose to give verdict on the decided case and justify their dissenting or favorable  opinion.

As focused and stressed by Bar Council Of India, time and again there is a need of preparing the judges and advocates right from the first step of law student  in classroom till the student completes the law course, and then only the society will witness great lawyers and judges. observing obedience to the same Asian Law College has adopted the Case Law method as its  teaching pedagogy which make it a unique and distinct educational institution for all those who want to pursue law .

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