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What are the career options for science students in legal field?

Are you a science student who is in search of a great career option? More particularly, are you someone who:

  • Scored high in Class X and took admission in the science stream as a clear choice as most of your friends in a similar percentage range opted for science, so you joined the herd. ‘Why science?’ was not certainly a question that bothered you then.
  • Never felt inspired about conventional career options like medicine or engineering, but are yet to find out what after Class XII? Graduation in pure sciences is largely a ‘no-no’ for you.
  • Wishes to act in accordance with your heart and go for something which will give you immense job satisfaction, over 25-30 years of active professional life without compromising on a good lifestyle and high social status?

If you find yourself eligible who have gone through the above situation, Law is a career option you should definitely consider. To do well in any career path, the two most important elements are ‘aptitude’ and ‘attitude’. Here are some facts to aid you to identify if the law is an ideal career option for you.

  • It is a widely known fact that a career in law is not limited to litigation anymore. In the post-liberalization era, the increase in business complexity has opened up a number of exciting career options for law graduates that include legal consulting, specialized areas like taxation, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions and so on. Non-conventional choices like legal journalism, legal process outsourcing and judiciary are also getting widespread attention from legal fraternity. Does this sound interesting to you?
  • Established law professionals are acquiring improved social status and leading a great lifestyle. They are living by a simple mantra – ‘Do what you WANT, not what you CAN’. So, they have mostly landed into this profession by choice, rather than any compulsion. Does this sound inspirational to you?
  • Let us now look at what successful law professionals have in common:

o   They are avid readers.

o   They are high on logical thinking.

o   They have great attention to detail.

o   They score well on communication skills.

  • Academically strong students generally have good reading skills. Logical reasoning is its natural strength. Communication skills and attention to detail are often inherent traits but can be improved through conscious efforts. No wonder then that almost 40% of students in leading NLUs happen to be from the science stream. So, do you have it in you?
  • An entry point to the most coveted National Law Universities that offer five years of integrated law programmes or even top private law colleges in India like Asian Law College in Delhi NCR’s Noida that offer 5 year integrated B.A. LL.B. & 3 year LL.B. programmes – is the Common Law Admission Test or CLAT or  Asian Law College Admission Test ( ALCAT). Because of it being an aptitude test, CLAT/ ALCAT does not require any prior subject knowledge of any stream chosen after Class X. Science students are normally considered high on aptitude and hence, they are as strong contenders as any other stream to prepare for CLAT/ ALCAT.
  • Finally, a few years later, you would like to be known as a successful law professional and an alumnus of a prestigious law school to establish your credibility. It will scarcely matter whether you spent two years after Class X to study humanities, commerce or science.

This blog post gives you some great reasons to pursue law as a career option. And, if you’re excited, start your preparation TODAY!

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