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Significance and Vital Role of LL.B.

Since the inception of human being, rules and regulations also took birth along. Adam & Eve were also sent on earth with a rule to follow. It’s the law (rules & regulations) which helped human race to evolve in a positive direction. In modern era, if one has to learn about law then he must opt for law courses provided by esteemed universities which have given wonderful legal minds to the society. For many generations a career as a lawyer is considered a hallmark of success and prestige. Glamorous degrees, lucrative salaries and an authority over others have placed lawyers in an elite circle of professionals who command respect and embody the definition of success.

Importance of LL.B.

Students of law interpret the real essence of democracy, secularism, socialist, republic and sovereign nature of the Constitution. Many of the leaders during freedom struggle like Mahatma Gandhi, J. L. Nehru, Sardar Patel and Jinha were also lawyers. By pursuing law degree, there are additional benefits that students get apart from the knowledge of law. Students will become the informed citizens of the country; there will be enhancement of skills, it makes social interactions better and opens up plethora of career options.

Law has been an agent of social transformations. People pursuing law degrees have helped in making a society a better place to live. For ex: by being a catalyst of reducing the inequalities of caste, by shielding backward and weaker sections of the society etc. Law has an imperative impact on political, social, technical and economic environment of the country.

Scope of LL.B

People who wish to pursue law degree can go for any of the following career options:

• Judicial Services,

• Public Service Commission Examination,


• Post Graduate Diploma Courses,

• Legal Correspondence,

• Work with NGO or

• Work for Legal Processes Outsourcing.

• Become prominent Advocate.

One can specialize in any of the following fields:

• Criminal Law

• Family Law

• Administrative Law

• International Law

• Torts

• Property Law

• Contract Law

• Cyber Law

• Intellectual Property Rights

• Commercial Law

• Civil Law

• Banking Law


Society being dynamic and to regulate such society there is a dire need of lawyers. This course requires lot of hard work and determination but the consequences of such hard work are very rewarding. Every organization of every country requires lawyers for their successful running and management. Be it government, PSUs, private companies or any other institution, they require people having expertise in legal field.

Since legal frameworks regulates all environments of any country, the importance and scope of the law degree is utmost. Law helps in achieving harmonious constructions along with peace and prosperity in society. One should abide by and respect law because rule of law is solution for the better revolution and legal knowledge can be acquired by pursuing Legum Baccalaureus i.e. LL.B.

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