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Qualities of a successful legal professional summarized by the current Chief Justice of India

On 4th August 2018, our current Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra addressed the gathering of law students at a public function, in Delhi. In his address the qualities of a good Lawyer were brought forth with relevant reasoning. In this article we will try to read between the lines and understand the concept of Cause Lawyering expounded by our current CJI.

Chief Justice of India urged the young lawyers to be courageous and not to get swayed away by infinite distractions that might come in their determination to be a successful Lawyer. CJI wants the students of law and legal professionals to be humble towards the profession, and suggested the young generation to move ahead in this profession courageously.

Chief Justice of India brought the legal professional at par with community builder and society protector. According to him, attitude of a lawyer must be service oriented towards the court and judiciary as an institution. He further placed importance on familiarization with the undercurrents of various social diversities and disparities that divides the society in order to be able to correlate law and social impulses. CJI termed welfare of people as the supreme law and appealed to all young generation lawyers to climb the ladder of their professional success with taking deprived section of society along.

Chief Justice of India have designated the budding lawyers as crusaders for change in the drive towards equal rights, liberty and justice. He mandates for every lawyer to devote some part of the professional service for well being of the underprivileged and to work for betterment of the deprived section of the society.

In the conclusion of his address CJI requested the students to foster high ambitions while entering the legal profession and to cultivate the quality of thought and intellectual vigor through hard work, dedication and perseverance. He subsided the age factor with a clear message that even the young generation lawyers have the ability to teach the experienced members of the Bar and the Bench.

We at Asian Law College, in line with the above stated qualities expressed by our current CJI focus on making the students goal oriented. At Asian Law College (ALC) B.A.LL.B and LL.B students are made conversant with unconventional field of law which promises a rewarding career and will help the students to be determined to stay in the legal profession despite various other lucrative options. ALC is dedicated to keep its B.A.LL.B and LL.B students, and academicians at the upfront when it comes to voicing for any current social issue through seminars, conference, symposium and discussions.  The various societies at Asian Law College like Legal Aid Society, Moot Court Society, Law and Media Society, Debating Society are always on their toes to bring out the current social problem and issue being faced by the poor and underprivileged class. Through play, skits, news, debate and discussion the issues of social importance are duly addressed by the Students of Asian Law college.

As rightly pressed by our current CJI the welfare of people is the supreme law, Asian Law College not only develops the B.A.LL.B and LL.B students on the professional level but also inculcates the social values and sensitivity towards the environment in its students which helps the students to have the courage and determination to address the social realities at appropriate forums.

In order to administer the real picture of the legal industry a large number of legal professionals from the industry are called for interaction with the students at Asian Law College. The fruitful interaction from the experts helps the students to fix the bench mark for themselves and motivates them to toil hard in their academic journey.

ALC is dedicated to serve the society and nation through its hardworking students and experienced faculty members. The variety of exposure rendered to the students in their academic journey helps them to scale high level of success in their professional front as well as teaches them to serve the deprived section of the society.

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