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Mooting at ALC: What is it and why take part?

What is Mooting?

Mooting is a type of contest wherein student participants argue a fictitious case, preferably an appeal case, before a judge or panel of judges in a simulated court room environment. Mooting involves analysing the given moot problem, researching for the relevant laws and case laws, drafting written submissions, preparing legal arguments and lastly, the oral arguments. Mooting generally requires four speakers, divided into two teams, each consisting of two members- one leading and one junior counsel also known as the Researcher.

It’s important in a mooting exercise to try and closely observe the procedure followed in real courts of law. In a moot court, all the formalities of real courts such as dress codes; court room etiquettes-bowing before the chair, teams of mooters sitting at separate tables on their respective places as in team appellant and team respondent, the presence of a court clerk. The court clerk would announce the matter under argument and then the teams would put in their appearances and arguments. The judge would ask questions to the teams, and thereafter the court adjourns. After sometime, the court would re-convene, and finally, the judge would deliver the judgement with comments.

Moot court proceedings should reflect as nearly as possible the proceedings of a real court.

Mooting at ALC

Mooting is one of the most important aspects of legal education at the Asian Law College. From the very beginning i.e. from the time the student takes admission she/he is motivated to participate in moot court activities here at ALC. The students are briefed and inducted about the moot court in the Orientation programme which is conducted at the beginning of their course.

Various internal mooting activities are organised regularly during both the BA LLB and LLB course. The same being the compulsory requirement of CCS University curriculum also, special emphasis is put on participating in moot court. The students are encouraged to participate not only in the said internal mooting activities but also in various National and International Moot Court Competitions. For this purpose required training and support is provided with the help of expert faculties and staff.

A separate moot court room is there at ALC with all the required equipments and infrastructure for the students to practice and get the experience of a real court room.

Why take part?

Mooting provides students the practical court experience in their college life itself, even before they actually become advocates. It’s about developing all those skills which the students need to make a successful legal career in future. There are several reasons why the students should take part in moot court activities such as:

  • It allows students to develop their communication skills.
  • It gives students opportunities to build their capacity to make persuasive and convincing arguments.
  • It enhances their researching skill and develops their understanding of various complex legal issues.
  • It develops their writing and drafting skills.
  • It provides an opportunity to students to showcase their advocacy skills and talent to prospective employers.
  • It also inculcates in them a culture of team work.
  • Above all, mooting in itself is a fun exercise and provides a holistic approach to the learning of the law.
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