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Life at top law college – How it is and how vital are internships?

Law students at top law schools in India generally experience the professional journey of 5 years or 3 years full of challenges and opportunities. Some further say that on the first day of college itself, their batch was briefed by their Director that “There are no Sundays in a lawyer’s life”. “So, honestly students at law school don’t have much of a life outside books, presentations, assignments, submissions, and tutorials,” says a few others.

Apart from this, students are also advised to keep themselves updated about all the recent judgments and amendments which in the long run will prove beneficial to them.

Students also revealed that there are a lot of options available to a law student after pursuing a degree course and it is not restricted to Criminal and Civil law. So, students can think of making a career for themselves in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Media Law.

Some students have also shared that five years back the most popular specialization was Corporate Law, but now the most popular fields are Intellectual Property Law, dumping laws,  Media Law and Sports Law, owing to the western influence and new trends picking up in our country.

Elaborating on course requirements, students have also shared that internships play a vital role at law school and candidates can apply for the same either through their college or through their individual contacts. As per them, every law student should intern at a District Court because it is a temple of learning for them.

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