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ALC Successfully Takes B.A.LL.B. & LL.B. Classes Seamlessly Online Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak!

As is evident across the world that the Coronavirus pandemic has affected several aspects of human life and similar is its effect on the education sector ! The pandemic has disrupted law colleges and law students real classroom teaching globally. In fact, COVID-19 has closed the campuses, disrupted study schedules, and created a challenging environment for anyone considering a law degree today. But there’s also a bright side to the coronavirus outbreak, the strong deterrmination of law college students and staff to carry on the academics even during this crisis is worth praising .

One of the ways in which this crisis is being countered is that many colleges and universities worldwide have moved their teaching online. This simply means that students are still provided with the required number of class hours in a virtual set up. In India too many colleges and universities have switched to the online mode of teaching. And, we at Asian Law College (ALC), Noida also adopted this model and have shifted our B.A.LL.B. & LL.B. classes online by way of video lectures and live classes on Zoom amidst this coronavirus threat quite early on in time.

Today, we are proud to state that ALC has successfully taken B.A.LL.B. & LL.B. classes seamlessly online amidst this unprecedented coronavirus threat! The entire ALC law faculty is tirelessly at work, preparing and delivering their respective lectures as per the curriculum schedule. Every day, these video lectures are being religiously uploaded and made available on YouTube channels simulating a virtual classroom environment. ALC students are accessing these video lectures and moving on with their studies uninterruptedly.

Additionally, live classes on Zoom – which is a video conferencing tool for virtual meetings and hangouts – are held regularly whereby the entire class of ALC BALLB and LLB students connect through video calls for a live classroom session with their professors and lecturers.

Apart from these well-prepared video lectures and live classes on Zoom, ALC students are also encouraged to raise their queries and clear their doubts by writing E-mails and using WhatsApp. Beyond this, they have also been allowed to call-up their respective subject professors/lecturers on their personal/official mobile numbers and clarify all their queries & doubts on each and every lesson before proceeding with them any further.

It goes without saying that the purpose of these additional measures and instructions is simple – viz., to leave-no-stone-unturned, so to say, in making these virtual classes an enriching real-time learning experience that Asian Law College is best known for!

ALC as a part of its responsibility towards society and Nation has kept in mind that the content being shared on its you tube channel or other social media platforms are used only for academic purpose and are meant to aid its students in course curriculum coverage.

As we know, the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the working of ‘Social Media platforms’ in a significant way. As per latest reports, many videos are likely to be taken down for content policy violations. The report says that Google has warned that the number of videos taken down could increase. With the novel Coronavirus outbreak, the company has been relying on automated software, so the employees have been advised to stay at homes. YouTube and its other business divisions have been using artificial intelligence and automated tools that will help the company identify any content that is problematic, the report said. It added that despite being advanced, these softwares are not that accurate as humans which in turn could lead to more errors.

Since the ALC video lectures that are being uploaded on YouTube which happen to be one of the social media platform. ALC students have been well-advised to be careful in their access and use these online teaching tools and methods purely for academic purpose.

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