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6 Reasons Why Students Are Choosing Asian Law College as the Best School for Law Graduation

Until not too long ago, there was not much debate about the best law schools in India — because, the NLUs have long been the go-to law schools in the country. Yet in the past decade, a lot has changed. A new league of private law colleges has come up, offering world-class legal education—and the world is taking notice for sure!

One such top private law college in Delhi NCR is the Asian Law College (ALC) located at Sector 125, Noida!

Ranked amongst ‘‘10 Best Law Institute in India’ by The Knowledge Review and rated as ‘10 Most Promising Law Colleges in India 2018’ by Higher Education Review, Asian Law College, Noida is an integral part of Delhi NCR-based Asian Education Group (AEG), which is known as the largest centre for professional media, IT, law, management, fashion & hospitality education in Asia with world-class facilities.

Set up with a mission to promote excellence in the field of legal education and to fulfill the ever increasing demand of quality legal professionals for a growing legal world, Asian Law College is approved by Bar Council of India and presently offers 5-year BA-LLB & 3-year LLB courses in affiliation with Ch. Charan Singh (CCS) University, Meerut.

In addition to the core programmes, ALC B.A.LL. B & LL. B provides the following Collaborative Additional Diplomas/Certifications that enhances the value of the degree and helps student’s resume stand-out of the crowd:

  • Diploma in Cyber Law by Asian School of Cyber Law
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) by Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  • Diploma in Media and Entertainment Law by AAFT
  • Diploma in Corporate & Legal Communication

So, if you have decided to study law, you already know there is a lot to consider on the lookout for a good law school. Here are a few winning reasons why students have been choosing Asian Law College as the best law school in India:

  1. “The academic exposure is unparalleled”

Studying law in a top law college has many advantages. For starters, the curriculum is not restricted to the domestic setting. It takes a global approach. Coursework covers the nuances of legal developments in India vis-a-vis the world — thus giving it a holistic perspective.

It is not just the fundamentals of law that you will be studying at Asian Law College, but a variety of arts and humanities themes. The marriage of law and liberal arts here, creates a sound basis for students to interpret legal conversations in a broader sense. For instance, understanding human rights with a background in sociology, or learning about constitutional law having studied the history of the Indian constitution itself, or being able to grasp taxation law a little better on account of an introduction to economics are just a few examples.

With a view to develop professional legal skills in future law aspirants, Asian Law College provides knowledge in parallel settings such as mock trials, debate competitions, moot court competitions, role plays, dramas and many more. The teaching pedagogy adopted for this program is designed to promote multi-faceted inquiry and practical appreciation of given problems. Teaching and Research lessons are provided through presentations, lectures, group discussions, case studies, moot court, seminars and project work. Reading, Writing and Research skills are also developed through class presentations and research based project assignments.

ALC also follows 3 hours specifically designed workshop model as per the International Standard. The objectives of the same are:

Ø  Team Work – This skill enhances various abilities like team building, leadership, conflict management, and working with people.

Ø  Social Networking – ALC’s Group Projects enable students to work with each other even if they don’t know each other well.

Ø  Project Portfolio – At the time of Internship and Final placements, they can talk about this Project Portfolio developed in each course.

Ø  Integrating Theory with Practice by actually doing rather than by cramming and giving exam

Ø  Holistic Skill Honing as students’ complete project in every course

  1. “The illustrious faculty is the best in the country without any doubt”

When a pool of different people with different ideas and backgrounds come together, something much bigger than the sum of the parts can be born. Variety is the spice of life. It is the flavours of diversity that gives ALC a distinctive edge over many other law schools. Headed by Dr. Saleem Akhtar (Director Academic Advisory Board) – an illustrious alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University who has had a long association of 36 years with his Alma Mater which he has served too, in the honored capacity of Dean and Chairman of the Faculty of Law – each of the ALC faculty from several countries across the world brings with them something unique.

Trained at the best of global institutions, they come with a wide array of expertise and experiences. The value-add to student learning is immense, especially since ALC’s faculty are engaged in research projects of their own. As the legal landscape changes in India and the world over, the flexibility of educators to grow and evolve in their own understanding of law is critical. This gives rise to more contextual, relevant dialogues in the classroom that many traditional colleges may lack.

The bottom line here is that contemporary legal training is needed to succeed in today’s world. And, for the 21st century law student, this is just the place to be!

  1. “Law firms prefer to hire private law school graduates now, especially if they are coming from ALC”

Where you attended your law school could make a stellar first impression at a job interview. The answer holds much more than a name. It can be very telling for a prospective employer to gauge the nature of training and exposure you have received.

Asian Law College has come to be known across academic and professional circles as a law school that produces top-notch graduates. Credit goes to the early batches who proved the ‘ALC’ tag is worth its salt!

Leading national and international law firms have become some of the regular recruiters onboarding the bright young graduates of ALC.

  1. “ALC Professors train you to think, form your own ideas, debate and engage in meaningful discussion”

College education can be a dimensional shift from schooling—if done right. At ALC, you will find no hand-holding. Instead, you will find dedicated mentors who prepare you to excel in every sense, as a student, as a future professional, and perhaps most importantly, as an individual.

The days of dictation give way to a more dynamic classroom atmosphere at ALC. You are not simply instructed what to think, but asked to question and discover your own ideas. Here, in many ways, learning comes alive through a spirit of discussion and debate.

The effects of engaged mentorship clearly show—law students from ALC have a distinct persona. From the very way they express themselves to their ability to think creatively, analytically, to look at life through a multidisciplinary lens and be fearless in their dreams, they bring something special to the table. They are strong, articulate speakers, good listeners and clear writers. They are trained to be assertive yet creative, persuasive yet compassionate, unwavering yet empathetic.

  1. “At ALC, you get one of the best international exposures!”

Many young students harbour dreams of studying abroad. It does have its charm. It also offers a lot more than just academic excellence—which you can readily conquer while at ALC. It is the chance to gain new perspectives and have new experiences that definitely enriches the idea of studying in distinguished universities in distant lands. The importance of global exposure in a globalized world cannot be stressed enough.

Providing an international edge to its flagship law programmes B.A.LL. B & LL. B, Asian Law College has an exclusive tie up with Faculty of Law of the prestigious University of Cape Town, South Africa whereby ALC students of B.A.LL. B / LL. B International Program has the unique opportunity of getting an enriching international exposure with Eight Day Fully Paid educational trip to the beautiful city of Cape Town where they will undergo a practical workshop on International Law and Legal Framework at the University of Cape Town Campus. This trip is a perfect blend of learning and fun in a global landscape where students get the practical aspects of International Law and also enjoy local sightseeing.

  1. “By the end of the programme, ALC students are practice-ready”

Learning through case-study methods in the classroom, participating actively in moot court competitions across the world, engaging with experts from the field, and graduating with multiple internship experiences—the degree of practical exposure at ALC really packs a punch!

Experiential learning takes centre-stage at ALC. This readies ALC students to jump right into their professional roles once they graduate, and rise up the ranks more swiftly. ALC graduates will be well-versed with the specializations of their choice. They will be adept with the professional requirements of the job as well, since a lot of learning that often happens ‘on-the-job’ will be covered through internships and intensive study.

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