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Legal Workshop on Court Crafts

Asian Law college, Noida has organized a legal workshop on Court Crafts on 4th to 6th May 2022.  Advocate Shashi Kiran , Advocate on record, Supreme court of India has taken up the workshop and shared her vast experience with the students of ALC.

The Objective of the workshop was to enlighten students regarding various things which are important for the Law career.

Workshop was spread over a time span of three days:

Day 1. Do’s and Don’ts of Internship: At the first instance during the Legal Study the important part is the internship and the eminent speaker enlightened the students with Do’s and Don’ts of internship. Internship includes basic office work such as copying and filing, legal research, client assistance and aiding lawyers with paperwork and courtroom. A large part of any legal internship is conducting research.

Day 2 Court craft including Pre Trial preparation: The objective was to cherish the students regarding the importance of the court Craft and pre-trial preparation. As this procedure is very important. Pre-trial Procedure includes all aspects of trial practice that occur before trial. These stages include filing a lawsuit, answering a complaint, discovery, motion practice, and trial preparation.

Day3. Client Interviewing Technique: Client interviewing technique is a crucial stage. Client counselling is the process by which a lawyer communicates advice to a client. A client is a person, natural or legal who approaches the lawyer for legal assistance.

The workshop was conducted to make Law students aware about all the steps which are important during their law studies and while practicing also, how aware they have to be regarding all the procedure etc. of the court. As we know when the Lawyer goes to a court and starts practicing, his major achievement will be to fetch a client and if he knows the techniques then only he will be able to fetch it or gain the trust of the client.

In the legal field when a student opts for pursuing a degree in Law, there are many other things which are important along with study instead of just clearing the theoretical part, practical part is also important which the students witness when they go for a Legal internship. So this workshop enlightened them with the importance of internships in the court or firms, what are the important points to follow etc. Next important work is understanding Court Craft as we know Practice is the combination of Law, how to work?  How to conduct? How to practice? In the court craft so many important points like Drafting summons, case filling etc. are there, so this workshop enlightened all necessary steps regarding that procedure.