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Legal Lecture Series (LLS) on “Principles of Legal Drafting” by Dr. S.P Ashok , Advocate Supreme Court of India

Asian Law College (ALC) under its Legal Lecture Series (LLS) is pleased to host Dr. S.P Ashok , Advocate Supreme Court of India for conducting a workshop on “Principles of Legal Drafting”.

Legal Drafting being the prerequisite of having a successful legal career is a vital component of legal education and to give a practical exposure on the same the workshop is planned by ALC for its students of B.A.LL.B. and LL.B. course. In many precedents multiple times, the Hon’ble courts have stressed on improving and incorporating the essential of drafting skills in the legal professional right in their academic journey when they study law. The art of legal drafting is unique and pivotal for any progressive Society and Nation at large as the common social problems, themes, events, happenings etc. are reiterated in black and white by being codified and after going through the due process of law.

The workshop will help the students of ALC to see the real courtroom practice and procedure through our esteemed Speaker who himself has a long standing at the bar and has diversified experience of litigation. As an institution ALC is dedicated to deliver outcome based legal education and such workshops, guest interactions broaden the horizon of a law student on practical application of law which they read in the textbooks and bare acts. The good command on the principles of drafting helps the Advocates to follow the principles of law and at the same time produce the best possible representation of their client within the framework of law.  The core competency of a good lawyer is to produce in front of the Judge in black and white letters the fact and circumstance of the aggrieved party and persuade the bench through his argumentative skills to deliver justice. The workshop no doubt will serve as  a roadmap for the students of ALC who want to have a career in litigation .