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Asian law College( ALC) part of Asian Education Group ( AEG) is elated to announce the Social Change Maker Championship 2022 for its students of B.A.LL.B. and LL.B. courses.  As an institution of law, with a keen focus on social welfare and social upliftment, this mega event will provide a platform to all the ALC students who with their ideas and efforts aim to sculpt the society into a transformed virtuous habitat for humanity. The ALC Social Change-Maker Championship 2022 is being conducted under the aegis of Asian Law College (ALC) Legal Aid Center, which works arduously towards social welfare and social well-being. The ALC Social Change-Maker Champion of The Year 2022 – 2023 will receive a social grant of Rs. 1 lac, an Apple MacBook, Digital & Web presence of the social change idea along with the Winner’s Shield and Certificate.
Asian Law College ( ALC)  Legal Aid Centre which is established in collaboration with the District Legal Services Authority, District Court,  Gautam Budha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh is dedicated to address the social causes and is actively engaged through Nukkad Natak, Awareness camps, Education Camps, Street Plays, etc. with the common people at large in the community. The Social Change Maker Championship is an initiative which will encourage and motivate the young students of law to contribute in the best possible manner through their personal and in person involvement in the social work which is not only restricted to the institutional initiatives but even in personal domain or work done in collaboration with some Non-Government Organization ( NGOs).  Each year one student of Asian Law College ( ALC)  will be adjudged as the “SOCIAL CHANGE – MAKER  CHAMPION” as per the evaluation of the social works done by them in a span of one year which will be seen and reviewed by Evaluation Committee which will be constituted under Asian Law College Legal Aid Centre.
As an institution dedicated to address the social cause and work for social upliftment, this initiative will go a long way in making a difference in the life of people at large. The students will have sumptuous exposure to work on the ground level and understand the grass root reality of the society which will provide them a lifetime opportunity to act as a bridge which will provide all necessary assistance for achieving social Justice within the Legal Framework of our Nation.