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ALC Orientation Programme 2022 – Inaugural Ceremony 2nd session mesmerizing presence of Major D.P. Singh, a Kargil War veteran

Asian Law College is organizing an Orientation Program for the batch of 2022 from 24th August 2022 to 1st September 2022. The Asian Law College working under the aegis of the Asian Education Group is determined to provide legal education to its students wherein the learning is not only enlightening but also enriching and inspiring. The college aims at developing knowledge, skill and value amongst the students so that they experience the best from the very beginning of their education.

The second session of the inaugural ceremony which started at 2.30 pm on 24th August 2022 witnessed the mesmerizing presence of Major D.P. Singh, a Kargil War veteran and para-athlete who is also known as India’s first blade runner. He has also received the accolade of being the first amputee solo skydiver from India in the year 2019. He is a founder of a Non-Governmental Organization, The Challenging Ones. He was given a warm welcome by Ms. Garima Malhotra, Master of Ceremony. And was felicitated with a memento by the Principal of ALC Dr. T.N. Prasad. Major Singh shared his life experiences and lessons with the students from the very beginning of his career in the Indian Army to becoming India’s first amputee solo skydiver. He filled the hall with immense pleasure and energy as he entered. He showed glimpses of his life through a PowerPoint presentation with the motive of inculcating self-confidence, motivation and ‘never say die’ attitude among the students. With this, he floated the motto ‘I CAN’.

He shared with students that in any circumstance one should never doubt oneself and if anyone questions your ability you should thank them for giving you the opportunity to prove yourself above their doubts. His whole life is a lesson and learning to everyone on earth as in the toughest of situations where he was almost dead but came back to life with more enthusiasm and will to live and make life worth living. Also, he showed through his struggles with a single leg to become a runner that one should never leave behind the will to become something and gave a message that “if you want to give up on something, then give up on giving up”.

He further shared his efforts to bring back the lost confidence and coming back from post-traumatic stress disorder which he suffered after losing a leg at war and said that he now thanks the bomb and the not-so-friendly neighbours because of which he had a near-death experience because he could become a better person and was able to inspire others only because of the life-threatening experience he had. The clear message that he floated is that one should never be afraid of a bad situation and give up on hope because what happens for a reason and this should bear in mind to never lose hope. Further at the end, he said that one should maintain his mental, physical and psychological fitness with regular exercises and keeping spirits high.

At the end of the session, there was a question answer round with him, the answers of which inspired and instilled energy among the students. Another round of rapid fire was there with Major D.P. Singh where he was asked to answer promptly whatever word comes first in his mind. This exercise was fun-filled and refreshing for everyone. The session concluded with facilitating him with a shawl by Dr. T. N. Prasad. And the speaker thanked the organization and the team for inviting him to the ceremony so he could interact with bright and young minds.