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ALC Orientation Program 2022 – In-House Counsel as a Legal Career

Asian Law College under the aegis of Asian Education Group is organizing the orientation program for the batch of 2022 of B.A. LL.B. and LL.B. courses from 24th August, 2022 to 1st September, 2022. The purpose of this orientation program is for familiarizing the students with the college environment and helps them start their journey of learning and growth.

The first session of 26th August 2022 witnessed the presence of two renowned in-house attorneys who have knowledge and experience of the entire legal spectrum and help the business grow within the legal parameters by guiding them to get through in a complex business environment. The esteemed guests of honor for the plenary session on ‘In-House counsel as a Legal Career’ were Mr. Amitabh Lal Das, Director & Head, Legal Compliance & Regulatory, Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd.  and Ms. Manjaree Chowdhary, Executive Director & General Counsel, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. With a warm welcome to the guests, the dias was handed over to the moderator of the session Dr. Sonia Khera, Assistant Professor at Asian Law College.

The guests were requested to share their views on how the coming years of the law students which will be their journey to become law professionals are going to help them to be completely prepared for the practical world to become successful. Ms. Chowdhary shared her experience as a law practitioner and urged students to work hard and learn while participating in every activity conducted in the college for their personality development as a law professional. She explained how pursuing a career in the right direction and preparation can ensure a bright future. The students to become a successful in-house counsel must develop exemplary oratory skills and legal knowledge which can be gained with the right approach during the education. The road to become an in-house counsel goes through practice in litigation while learning every aspect of the profession which needs working hard.

Mr. Das shared his life experience as a law student and a professional and said that if you are a good student you will fit in the professional environment with ease or it can be a challenge for a student to survive in the legal profession if not done proper preparation to face the practical world. Also he explained that being an in-house counsel is like a comfort provider to the clients where they can trust the counsel to let the business run smoothly upon the wheels of legal norms and regulations.

The speakers interacted with the students and took their questions regarding the challenges and success hidden behind hard work in their profession and enlightened them with their insightful answers that encouraged students to explore their possibilities in becoming an in-house counsel in leading business groups. The session saw an energetic and enthusiastic participation of the students as they queried and got involved in the discussions. The session served its purpose and was very informative and enlightening for the students.