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Internship during a Law Degree

“Internship” – the word which matters a lot on your Law CV.  Is this the complete reality, or for the Law recruitment, there are others things

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2. Value Added Additional Diploma and Certificates in emerging Legal Fields:

Asian Law College (ALC): Best Choice for assured successful career in Law

Legal Profession is undergoing a rampant change with new and innovative laws being introduced and the age old laws being repealed. The Judiciary being one

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“Law” is an essential part of a society. Legal Education is basically referred as the education students receive before they are enrolled as an “Advocate”

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LSAT India 2018: Result and the Journey Ahead

LSAT – India result: Important Points The result of LSAT India 2018 was declared on 4th June 2018. In order to check the result of

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A Brief History of LSAT Exam and LSAT India 2018 Results

Historical Background In 1945, Frank Bowles, a Columbia Law School admission director made an earnest attempt to devise and develop a more satisfactory admission test

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Law Education and its Significance

Law courses are the powerful mediums to gain knowledge and nurture skills to be an expert law professional. Law education is essential to enter the

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Understanding the Significance of Law Education

Education to enter in the field of law is essential and one of the smart steps. Education programs like BA LLB, LLB, etc. can be

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‘Legal Aid Society’ inaugurated at Asian Law College , AEG

Galvanized by the essence of Article 39-A of the Constitution of India, Asian Law School, inaugurated its Legal Aid Society on Thursday the 8th of March

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ALC Media Club “BUZZ” organized club activities (ACTING ADDA) & (FILMISTAN) on 15th November

Guest Lecture by Mr Sanjay Maria, Advocate Supreme Court of India

To make students conversant with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws, Asian Law College organized a guest lecture in theatre hall at ALC, Noida, on November

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