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Ms. PARVEEN MEHTANI, Chief Legal Officer, Mahindra Lifespaces delivers a knowledge-packed live webinar session on ” FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE IN INDIA” at Asian Law College!

Ms. PARVEEN MEHTANI, Chief Legal Officer, Mahindra Lifespaces delivers a knowledge-packed live webinar session on ” FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE IN INDIA” at Asian Law College!

Asian Law College (ALC) organized a knowledge-packed Live Interactive session on the topic “FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE IN INDIA” with Ms. PARVEEN MAHTANI, Chief Legal Officer, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. for all BA-LLB/LLB students & aspirants on Friday, 4th December 2020 at 4:00 pm under its Legal Lecture Series (LLS).

Ms. Parveen Mahtani is a gold medallist in law. She is presently Chief Legal Officer of Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd.

She has been honoured as “Woman Leader in a Male Dominated Industry 2019”. She was featured by the Indian Corporate Counsel Association in their book titled “India’s Finest In-House Counsels” published in 2016. She has also been acknowledged as one of “Asia’s Top 25 In-House Counsels” by the Asian Legal Business. She has also been featured as top in-house legal teams by Legal 500 UK: GC Powerlist: India (2017 and 2019).

She has also been honoured as “Top 25 General Counsels in India” in 2018 by the ICCA in London. She has been featured in the featured in the book “Legal Luminaries” published by the ICCA and the book “Constellations” The Shining stars in the Legal Fraternity” in 2019.

Ms. Parveen has an initiative called “Amwizer – Knowledge by Experience” where she hosts online sessions with industry experts to inspire and motivate young adults. She also particularly works in the space of inspiring, teaching and motivating children with special needs.

A core initiative of Asian Education Group (AEG) – considered as the largest centre for professional media, IT, law, management, fashion & hospitality education in Asia with world-class facilities – this webinar was  organized by Asian Law College (ALC) – which is a constituent group college of Asian Education Group and is ranked as one of the one of the best Law Colleges in Delhi NCR – for all B.A.LL.B. & LL.B.  students & aspirants. The webinar was followed by a lively Q&A Session with the most distinguished guest.

The webinar session started with the distinguished guest, Ms. Parveen Mahtani, thanking the ALC team for inviting her for this session. To quote her words, she said that she was “much pleased and honoured to be here.”

She then right away got on to the topic of the day, i.e. “FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE IN INDIA”, which she said was a “critical sector” as shown by the fact that “almost 66% of all legal cases obtaining in the courts of law within the country pertain to property related legislations.” She further stated that “the importance of real estate sector can be further gauged by the fact the government has enacted several laws with a view to regulate its myriad aspects, the latest being the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016.”

The highly erudite speaker then explained in detail the various provisions of this Act that has ushered-in several positive changes in the real estate sector. She said that “the Act has brought-in much transparency in the dealings within this sector by way of tracking that the projects get developed in phases, the funds get used properly through the establishment of ESCROW account, and the inclusion of Real Estate Brokers & Agents within the ambit of purview.” However, according to her, “there are a lot of bottlenecks and issues like project coming to standstill due to strict phase and fund monitoring that need to be addressed in future through addendum legislations.”

Sharing her thoughts on some of the other major areas of operation in the real estate scenario of India, Ms. Parveen Mahtani spoke at length about the need for the industry to become technology-savvy and the importance of Digitalization, Labour Code and Patents that needed to be looked into in more detail in future.

The webinar was then followed by a lively Q&A Session with the distinguished guest. Here, there was a series of questions related to the various aspects of her life, work and challenges that were put forward by the enthusiastic students. The knowledgeable speaker answered each of these questions most authoritatively and convincingly to the complete satisfaction of the students and all participants.

In her concluding message for the ALC B.A.LL.B. & LL.B.  students, the highly distinguished senior legal professional, Ms. Parveen Mahtani said, “To be successful, you have to do a great job every single day. Here, your Daily Discipline becomes highly important as it creates an impact, a perception … and creates your Brand Image in your career path. So, you need to remember this and appropriately focus on the same!”

Once done, Ms. Parveen Mahtani was presented with a glittering “Memento” on behalf of Asian Education Group.

With this, the knowledge-packed Live Interactive session with the highly distinguished senior legal professional, Ms. PARVEEN MAHTANI came to a fitting end!

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