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Prof. (Dr) Sanghamitra Sheel Acharya, SSS-JNU, delivers an illuminating expert guest lecture on ‘Climate Change & Sustainable Development’ at ALC

Asian Law College (ALC) recently organized an expert guest lecturer on the topic of “Climate Change & Sustainability Development” at its campus on 27th December 2019 by Prof. (Dr) Sanghamitra Sheel Acharya, School of Social Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The theme of the lecture revolved around the concept of ‘Climate Change’ that involves all three dimensions of sustainable development, viz. the economic, environmental and social dimensions. Addressing this challenge demands a long-term perspective on how our actions today will affect the lives of our children, and it also demands a dialogue with all stakeholders involved in order to reach viable solutions. The lecture was attended by students of B.A.LL.B. along with the academic staff of ALC.

The session highlighted the concept of ‘Sustainable Development’ as a unifying concept in international relations almost 20 years ago. Since then, it is regarded as a major environmental issue. The climate change we face today arises from the accumulated results of two centuries of unsustainable development – unsustainable industrial development, unsustainable energy production, unsustainable land use, unsustainable lifestyles, and consumption patterns.

Prof. (Dr) Sanghamitra Sheel Acharya discussed the three levels of ‘Climate Change’ that is, its impact on the Physical system, Biological system, and the Human system and that they are interconnected. She explained that climate change caused by the global increase in temperature triggers multiple negative effects on the planet. Dr. Acharya cited some very important facts, for example: In the past 20 years 4.2 billion people were affected by weather-related disasters, and developing countries and low-income countries suffered the greatest loss because of climate change. Her research on the concerned topic proves that the poor are at the greatest risk and excluded from socio-economic progress.

Prof. (Dr) Acharya revealed facts from her research field, i.e., Delhi- Kusumpur Pahadi, which is a slum area in South Delhi. The slum is resided by about 2 lakh population from different regions of the country. These people are basically poor people who occupy the least desirable lands and are deprived of some of the very basic necessities of life, like health, sanitation, housing, education, medical facilities and so on. Further, she emphasized that the government can play a significant role in reducing the risks of ‘Climate Change’ to vulnerable populations. Government with the help of non- state organizations, should coordinate to bring about change with sustainable development.

The session was very informative and was received very well by the students and the faculty members of Asian Law College.

Asian Law College (ALC) has always believed in imparting substantial practical knowledge through expert lectures, guest talk, and interaction with professionals along with rendering the theoretical knowledge. This lecture was an integral part of the subject of ‘Environmental Law’.

The session came to a humble end with the speaker making the students of ALC take a pledge of utilizing the limited resources in a proper manner and leave behind something cleaner and greener for generations to come.

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