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Asian Law College LL.B and B.A.LL.B Orientation 2018 – Ice Breaking Session

Asian Law College focuses not only on academics but is equally concerned about the grooming of each of its students and this was evident on the first day of the orientation program for BA LLB and LLB 2018 batch, when the Centre for Skill Development (CSD) organized the Ice Breaking Session.

The session had variety of games which focused on team building. The activities which were undertaken by the students in the Ice Breaking Session were:

  1. Arranging themselves in order according to the instructions given.
  2.  Arranging themselves into 12 groups as per their zodiac signs (Zodiac signs was displayed on power point for understanding of those who do not have knowledge about it).
  3. Pricking the balloons of each other.
  4.  Tug of War

After the performance of each of the activities the required traits which were mandatory to win the game was explained by the faculty In- charge. The essential personality traits which are prerequisite for being a successful lawyer was also discussed like being attentive, following the instructions, presence of mind, ability to recall, aptitude , situation based reaction etc.

The students participated in large number and thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. The Asian Law College innovative method of activity cum learning also provided time for interaction of the new students amongst themselves and the first lesson which the college placed in their minds was about how to work in team. The students appreciated the activities which were performed under the Ice breaking Session organized by Centre for Skill Development of Asian Law College.

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