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ALC Guest Lecture – Lecture by Dr Mohammad Asad Malik

The students of LLB and BALLB at Asian Law College got an opportunity to attend the guest lecture by Dr Mohammad Asad Malik, Associate Professor, Jamia Milia Islamia University 19th of September 2018. The speaker talked in detail about the “Constitution and Constitutionalism “.

The lecture revolved around constitution and the Nobel ideas enshrined in the constitution for the betterment of the society.  The speaker highlighted  the historical evolution of the fundamental law of land and focused on aspiration which are present there in the preamble. The concepts of preamble like sovereign, socialist,  secular,  democratic and Republic were explained with the help of decided precedents of Supreme Court and high courts.  The lecture brought into effect the jurisprudential aspects of constitution also and the theories of various jurist were explained with the help of Articles of Constitution. The normal notion of our constitution being a copied constitution was rightly rebutted by citing Article 395 of constitution . The speaker also addressed constitution as paradise of lawyers by highlighting the scope of interpretation Article 367 of constitution. The basic structure of constitution was also touched with the speaker bringing in notice the observation of volume 10 of constitutional Assembly debate on page 429 wherein preamble has been declared as part of constitution. The lecture concluded  with the remark of Dr BR Ambedkar about the constitution as the onus  is on we the people to make the constitution work in right or wrong direction.

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