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The library at Asian Law College is designed to assist students who find it important to determine the state of the law. A library at any law school is its lifeline, and ALC has managed to create a library comparable to the best anywhere else. A well-stocked and updated library is a pre-requisite and a significant part for providing knowledge at all levels of legal education. ALC library is fully air-conditioned and has a large collection of books related to law and pre-law. The main hallmark of ALC library is the collection of various national as well as international authors, All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, journals, reports, competition manuals and legal magazines. At any given time of the day, the library is found to be filled with students either preparing for their lectures or teams of students preparing for various competitions. With its modern and updated collection of knowledge resources and advanced information services, the library fills a significant role for the academicians in their intellectual pursuits.

Objectives of ALC Knowledge Resource Centre include:

  1. To provide an ideal environment for the institute academic community,
  2. To provide a top-drawer information storage and retrieval center,
  3. To provide assistance to budding lawyers and faculty members in their teaching activity by assuring availability of excellent research resources, and
  4. To provide the benefit of information technology to the legal society.

At ALC, it has been a continuous endeavor to provide students with the best possible high quality knowledge resources, and to this end, the Knowledge resource center at ALC is continuously updated with latest books and other resources so as to assist students in keeping up with the current and contemporary issues. The Knowledge Resource Centre of ALC is digitized and with the subscription of e-journals like Manupatra, which is an online facility of law journal, it is liable to have easy access of information directly from all accessible computerized data bases all over the world.

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