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Asian Law College Distinguished Lecture Series – Prof. (Dr.) Javaid Talib on “Contract”

Dharma (ALC Legal Aid Society) organized guest lectures by Dr. Javaid Talib, Chairman, Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Dr. Wasim Ali, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on 26th Sep 2018. They delivered the lecture on “Contract” and “Hindu Law” respectively.

The literary law society successfully arranged an expert talk on 26.9.2018 in which one of the session was dedicated to the practical aspects of law of contract. The speaker enumerated how the importance of contract in practical life has increased manifolds with the transition of role of state from a police state to a welfare state. The bare text of Indian Contract Act 1872 was explained with brief explanations of the Preamble and initial Sections of Indian Contract Act 1872. The important prerequisites to enter into a valid contract as enumerated in Section 10 of Indian Contract Act was deliberated at length. The Various other important concepts like free consent, misrepresentation, void agreement, voidable contract etc. were explained by the speaker in a lucid manner with a number of illustrations on them. The important English case laws like R v Clarke, Gibbons v Proctor and Fitch v Snakedeck were also dealt with to bring out the difference between Indian Law and English Law of Contract. The intellectual session came to an end with the speaker answering the queries of the young minds of Asian Law College (ALC) on Indian Contract Act 1872 ranging from difference between offer invitation to offer, difference between cross offer and counter offer and distinction between void agreement and void contract.  The Session served as a guideline for the students on the importance of Law of Contract for a bright legal career in future.

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