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Asian Law College Distinguished Lecture Series – Dr. Mohd. Wasim Ali on Hindu Law

Dharma (ALC Legal Aid Society) organized guest lectures by Dr. Javaid Talib, Chairman, Department of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Dr. Wasim Ali, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on 26th Sep 2018. They delivered the lecture on “Contract” and “Hindu Law” respectively.

Asian Law School avails the benefit of expert academicians from various universities. The School invites subject experts, prominent academicians to enlighten the students with their Knowledge. As a part of this effort, the School organized an expert lecture on Hindu Law on 26th September 2018 by an eminent speaker Dr. Mohd. Wasim Ali, Associate Professor Aligarh Muslim University.  Dr. Wasim Ali has more than a decade’s teaching expertise in Family law. Dr. Mohd. Wasim Ali deliberated lecture on “An Overview of Adoption Laws under Hindu Law”.

Dr. Mohd. Wasim began his session with the meaning and elaboration of theological concept behind practice of adoption prevailing in Indian Hindu Society. He enlightened the session by minutely scrutinizing the purposes of Adoption.  He explained that the concept of Adoption was adopted mainly for satisfying two purposes. First, to gain salvation and second is to enrich the same pleasure which one can have from the natural son.

Dr. Wasim also drew attention and showed his deep concern about the increase in the number of adopted child abuse cases reported in India. Dr. Wasim has referred Case of Lakshmi Kant Pandey v. Union of India, where exhaustive guidelines have been given by the apex court for regulating Inter-Country Adoption in India.

Dr. Wasim then explained the legal conditions required to be adhered to for a valid adoption in India and how the Amendment act has eradicated the discrimination which was prevailing in the old act in context of adoption rights. He also drew a comparative analysis of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act.

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