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International Seminar on “Artificial Intelligence and Right to Privacy”

The Research and Development Cell of Asian Law College is pleased to announce the International Seminar on “Artificial Intelligence and Right to Privacy” scheduled on Tuesday 09 August 2022. The Research and Development Cell of ALC is dedicated to promote research in unconventional areas of law and is actively engaged in organizing Seminars, Conferences, Workshop, Guest Lectures etc. for the benefit of students, staff and academicians at large.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an evolving area in which we are yet to fully explore the legal framework and the status of various existing legal statutes and laws. To bridge the gap between theory and practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we need deliberation and discussion on the technical aspects of AI. The International seminar is an attempt to bring to center stage such facets of AI which needs to be seen and examined through the eyes of academicians and legal practitioners.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one such innovation that has drastically impacted the functional eco-system of the society. The technology is changing rapidly, with computers and now robots, replacing simple human activities. AI is basically a machine that can actually think on its own. The Seminar will re-examine the current theory, law, and practice of Artificial Intelligence especially in context to Right to Privacy. The Seminar will provide a platform for discussion on the intricacies of artificial intelligence. It aims to address the recent and imminent changes in the legal framework in conjunction with artificial intelligence and the Right to Privacy

The International Seminar has eminent speakers like Prof. Dr. Rostam J. Nenwirth, Professor, University of Macau, China, Mr. K.K. Singh, Advocate Delhi High Court, Former Legal Counsel Nigeria (West Africa), Dr. Vidyottma Jha, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Ms. Kanika Bhardawaj, Advocate, Delhi High Court who will provide insight on the Artificial Intelligence( AI) and Right to Privacy.

The seminar aims to meet the objective of understanding the scope of Artificial Intelligence so that it does not infringe the Right to Privacy rather contributes as an effective tool for proper and improved management of human activities.