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Asian LAW College

B.A.LL.B. (5 Years) – International

Asian Law College - University of cape town
(Affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut) – 5 years’ full time degree course with International Fully Paid Residential Educational Trip and Certification from University of Cape Town  – Faculty of Law, South Africa

Bachelor of Law  (B.A. LL.B. ) – International at Asian Law College  (ALC) is a Five years full-time degree course affiliated to Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut with a unique international edge of learning from the best minds  through  International Fully Paid Residential  Educational Workshop on International Law and Legal framework  at University of South Africa – Faculty of Law, South Africa  leading to   acclaimed certification  in the field of International  Law.

This workshop is designed and structured with the intent to provide our students a dynamically stimulating environment, where the students can get transformed into highly skilled  legal professionals . The prescribed curriculum of International Law which will be dealt in regular classes will be practically witnessed by students during the workshop at University of South Africa.

The objective of B.A.LL.B. programme at ALC is to produce outstanding legal professionals who can apply the theoretical knowledge into practice in the real world . Major focus of this workshop is on skill development for preparing law graduates who can practically apply their gained knowledge of international law in global scenario. The approach is more practical by the virtue of various value addition societies and  Clubs apart from the classroom studies.

Students of B.A.LL.B. international will have a unique opportunity of attending an Exclusive workshop at UCT-Faculty of Law Campus focused on specialized area of International Law and the role of various international bodies in the maintenance of international peace and security across the globe. This workshop complements the lessons that the student will learn during their regular classes of BA LLB.  BA LLB International program students will  have an advantage when applying for  jobs and internships in legal  industry because  of their global exposure and the broaden horizon of understanding and interpretation of law from international perspective.

The case law teaching pedagogy followed at ALC makes the curriculum more dynamic as it incorporates not just learning through bare text and books but the interpretation of those laws  with the help of decided cases of Supreme Court, High Courts and tribunals is also exhaustively  covered.

This undergraduate programme equips the students with an in-depth understanding of law coupled with intensive industry exposure. The course curriculum is designed after a deep analysis of the requisitions from the legal industry stakeholders and focusing on the industry expectations from  legal  professionals.

The salient features of the programme include emphasis on enhancing the students’ soft skills and providing them with optimum industry interaction through varied initiatives. The valuable classroom lectures and the international exposure which will be tendered to BA LLB International students at ALC will provide ample of opportunities to serve the nation and the society in different ways by being aware of functioning of law at domestic as well as international level.

Additional Diploma / Certification


This certification provides a powerful insight into the way communication works in the legal world. In today’s competitive legal world and developing economy, effective communication skills is more essential than ever before. It is the basis on which legal companies and careers of law students are built and it is also an important component of lasting success.

Whether it is a direct conversation with a client or presenting yourself as a lawyer in court, communication leaves a powerful impression.

This certification would acquaint the law student tremendous opportunities in legal affairs, public relations, company secretariat, administration and many more.

Diploma in Media & Entertainment Laws


Diploma in Media and Entertainment Laws offers an engagement with legal aspects of media and entertainment regulations. Through this course, students gain insight into how the media laws are practiced in media houses to take better decisions in daily working.

Students are required to undertake inquisitive assignments to develop their ability to apply complex ideas and procedures to a set of fact situations. Familiarizing students with the fundamental areas of laws and the various rights and subject matters that comprise this broad legal category is the core objective of this elective. The course explores the theoretical premises, principles and polices that underpin the media and entertainment industry in select legal systems. Issues relating to music publishing, motion picture production laws to technology agreements and information privacy laws shall be dealt with, with a special focus on the lawyering process involved in those activities.

Cyber law is an area of law which represents all the legal issues relating to internet, and governs all the aspects of the internet and cyberspace, along with dealing in legal cases regarding software patents, net banking, cyber security, social media and legal problems and many more.

Cyber law in India is gaining immense popularity due to drastic increase in the number of cyber-crimes committed in the country over the recent times.

This field of law is witnessing significant advancement with the rapid increase in the information and communication technology.

The diploma would acquaint the students with the knowledge of laws protecting the crimes due to digital technology, and also prepares them to handle digital evidence and cyber trails.


Intellectual property protection is critical in encouraging innovation. Without protection of the intellectual property, the individuals and businesses would not receive full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development.

In today’s time, intellectual property has become very important for individuals to understand the subtlety of intellectual property and how it can be used as an asset for the organisation.

This Diploma Programme aims to provide an introduction to the law and management of Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation for those whose future career may involve the management of IP and innovation.  In the programme, students would be getting a deep insight of not only into the fundamentals of Intellectual Property, but also an insight on how major companies around the world maintain their valuable IP assets. There are separate modules of Intellectual Property Strategies, Enforcement of IP, IP Valuation, Royalty and Licensing. 

8 Day Fully Paid Residential Educational Workshop to University of Cape Town, South Africa
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