AIR is a search engine which helps the students, professionals, academicians to search for relevant case laws, case comments, latest judgements of Supreme Court and High Courts. The search engine plays a vital role in case of Moot Court competitions wherein students are expected to argue on a hypothetical preposition circulated as the moot problem. The search engine helps the students to search, interpret and relate the decided case laws of hon’ble courts with their moot problem. The relevant case laws helps to add persuasive effect in the argument in a Moot court competition. AIR has a wide range of cases available along with case commentaries, case observations and various articles on recently decided judgements of Supreme court and various High Courts. The use of search engine makes the students technologically sound and can be seen as an important step towards creating digital courts and a significant contribution in the upgradation of the court procedure.

AIR is an effective tool for quality research as it has various sections which helps the readers to have a research bent of mind and motivates them to contribute through research papers, case comments, articles etc. The diversity of AIR as a search engine is well acclaimed amongst the legal professionals as it provides useful information at the click of mouse. The search engine is widely used by users across Legal, Educational, Finance, Tax, Accounting, Corporate, Risk Management, Banking, Consulting, Government, Law Enforcement, Intellectual Property and Media markets.