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Aspiring lawyers @ National Human Rights Commission

Human rights is a burning topic of today  and it becomes mandatory for the aspiring lawyers to be abreast with the latest up -gradations in this regard. The governments of the world are taking a lot of interest in this regard as the world is grappling with terrorism, high rise in racial violence and domestic unrest.

Keeping this in view Asian Law College organized a visit to National Human Rights Commission for the students of BA.LL.B .Mr. Sanjay Dubey, Director Administration addressed the students and explained about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Students gained a better insight about the protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.He emphasized on the importance of human rights for everyone. A detailed description of the functions and powers of the commission was presented in front of the students in an interesting and engaging way which helped them to understand the entire concept of human rights in a better manner.

The students of BALLB were very enthusiastic about this visit and learnt a lot from this interaction. They are aspiring lawyers and such interactions will definitely shape their future. These interactions make the students learn a lot about our own country and present day challenges that are faced by the nation.

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